Thursday, July 07, 2005

Negativland interview on the onion avclub

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...on copyright, process, and trying to make money from illegal art.


Chris Sobieniak said...

This brings back my first experiences visiting this site...

It was a fun place to download the videos when they were still in MPEG-2 quality, rather than the MP4s they've got up as well as some as torrents.

It was my first chance to see "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story" and the Fenslerfilm GI Joe PSAs. I'm only glad to have saved most of these files when they were up, along with the MP3s of those tunes to boot (Culturcide's "They Aren't The World" still looms through my mind).

Speaking of GI Joe, I might do a bit in my blog about those re-dubbed PSAs Eric Fensler did a few yhears back and present what I thought were the best of the 25 produced.

Tohoscope said...

Dave has been showing the Fensler PSAs at his shows for a couple years now, I'm thinking I may add them to my playlists, too.

I'd grabbed SUPERSTAR from illegal-art hoping that it would make some good live show clip material, but it's not really condusive to that. Oh well...

Chris Sobieniak said...

Yeah, Superstar is a tough one to use. Even watching it all the way leaves one rather depressie afterwards, still, I'm rather taken back by the cleverness of the Barbie doll manipulations and sets created for this purpose. At least this guy went to the trouble to authenticate the moments as best as he could. It's not the best short in the world but one that deserves a look into.