Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Japanorama Season 2

Forgot to mention this or get around to running the clips at AWA, but after four years, Jonathan Ross and the BBC are back for another six episodes of Japanorama. Four episodes have aired so far, with each new episode airing on Thursday. You can see a breakdown of topics on the BBC website. Panel OF DOOM favorite Razor Ramon Hard Gay was featured in the latest episode and well, Jonathan Ross teaches him a new trick.


Tohoscope said...

I just started watching the first 3 episodes. Somehow I can see Ross holding his own against Razor Hard Gay Ramone...

Tohoscope said...

Looks like all the Japanorama Season 2 episodes are being torrented right now. I guess I need to set aside an evening to watch them.

I didn't know Hard Gay wrestled. Professionally.