Tuesday, February 02, 2010

VHS HELL: The Bull Stops Here

The Bull Stops Here VHS
The Bull Stops Here VHS back


Chris Sobieniak said...

Never did see this cartoon, though it might not have been offered locally as my CBS affiliate might've subbed in something else on schedule like a local Zoo show they used to had on around that time.

Tohoscope said...

It's got some interesting designs but the animation is typical 80s not quite as much as you'd like to see. The show could've worked well with Tex Avery style gags but instead it gets most of it's gags from the dialogue. It is a hell of a lot more Tex Avery then The Mask animated series which was apparently made my people who had never seen a cartoon.

I taped a few of these off air and a few of the Dumb and Dumber animated show around the same time. I need to post those old tapes...

Chris Sobieniak said...

By the way, I see you got thanked on the Brew for an article on Avatar' recent Oscar woes! Serves them right!