Monday, July 12, 2010

The Burning Hell

Estus Pirkle


Chris Sobieniak said...

spammers are the tool of the devil!


Tohoscope said...

Gonna have to post some Estus sometime. He's a real buzzkill.

Tohoscope said...

And I actually found the rental:

"The Burning Hell and Belivers Heaven is available to rent in 16mm for a one time showing. It is available in English only. It costs $75 for a one time rental. They send out a contract that you need to sign before you can rent the 16mm film. Please contact the Estus Pirkle Evangelistic Association for more information.
A package of 100 bulletin inserts 10 large posters (16" by 20") and one newspaper ad for the films is available in English only for $12.00."

Chris Sobieniak said...

Hmmm, sounds too much of a commitment for someone like me to make (even for a gag, since I wanna run a cartoon before the show). Still the thought of having a newspaper ad appearing right next to one for that Last Airbender movie sounds enticing!

Tohoscope said...

$75 is pretty reasonable for a church. But I'm thinking about the $12 for the posters and the newspaper ad.