Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Homemade Star-based Fantasy Films

A short time ago, in someone's basement not very far away...



Tohoscope said...

You can tell what parts of Star Wars inspired them to pick up those 8mm cameras. Or at least the part that used X-wing and Tie Fighter model kits.


Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

Certainly. All they needed was those kids, some fishing wire, a starry background and that's all they need (and some K-40 film of course).

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

Kits I mean. I wish blogger had an edit function after you post a comment.

of a side note, I wish these blog entries had an option to post to FB, Google+ and so-on from tab keys for each entry. I have that for my blogs so far, but I understand if you didn't want to use 'em anyway (having to copy the URL's and post them in those places myself).

Tohoscope said...

Woody Allen's Annie Hall won the Oscar the same year. How many people were inspired by Annie Hall and Woody Allen to pick up an 8mm camera and make a movie?

Kevin Smith doesn't count.

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

Certainly nobody!

Speaking of Woody Allen, I had to come across a pan & scan copy of "What's Up Tiger Lily?" I bothering to digi-cap while throwing the tape out in the recycle bin. It's a systematic process for me going through my tape collection deciding what to keep or throw out (or give away to someone if it came up).