Monday, December 22, 2014

A Pack of Gifts Now

There's some language, but if you're familiar with the source material, that's no surprise.

H/T to Dangerous Minds

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Do you like The Mighty Boosh? Did you enjoy Garth Marenghi's Darkplace? Well, you might like this.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Martha Stewart can suck it

Oh, it's getting blue out....

Good morning Berlin
You can be so ugly, so dirty and gray
You can so wonderfully terrible
You're night, are devouring me
It might just be the best for me
If I go home and sleep
And while I'm walking through the streets
Black slowly turns into blue

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just Don't

Stay home if you can. Stay away from all that. Love your families. Be thankful you're alive.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heino: Made in Germany

German folk singer Heino has been a part of AnimeHELL ever since we saw WFMU's That's Irritainment. But who is Heino? Watch this documentary and get the word straight from Heino himself.

Hattip to Dangerous Minds!

Happy Dethday

Happy birthday, Danno.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Friday, November 07, 2014

It's funny but it's not

This has been currently getting a lot of play, getting posted on Reddit and, therefore, Boing Boing two days later. I put it off and finally watched it, and about five minutes in, realized this was the perfect ending to my vacation.

But what happens here, besides being funny at first, and then uncomfortable, then REALLY uncomfortable, then just weird, then almost funny again, is it reminded me of something.


Peter Serafinowicz is one of the funniest people out there, but he's also super uncomfortable. The guy is always skirting the line between funny and creepy. Look at one of his music videos:

Which, really, if you think about it, has a long tradition in British humor.

Maybe it's because it's an island nation with an ancient monarchy, that's also hung up about etiquette. Who else does that describe?

And I'll tell you, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that was:

It's been said that humor is the relief we feel when a conflict has building tension in our minds. Which may also explain nervous laughter; after all, the failure mode of horror is comedy.

I'll leave you with one last little bit. I saw this in the theaters when it came out. I was probably too young to really understand the implications, but I do remember everyone laughing at the end of this scene. I mean, uproarious laughter. It's not funny, really, if you think about it, but it is.

What did Mel Brooks say? "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die."

Friday, October 31, 2014

Cray cray vacay

I'm on vacation. Starting now.

The Strange Spell of Screamin' Jay Hawkins

He learned classical piano and wanted to be an opera singer, and was the middleweight boxing champion of Alaska. And one drunken night in 1956 he recorded a song that you always seem to hear around this time of year.

I found this documentary while looking for another documentary about Ghoulardi. Watching it left me...Spellbound...

Happy Happy Halloween!

Celebrate in your own way.

Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (1988)

Enjoy the 80s direct to VHS giant monster classic complete with Greek subtitles!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Legend of Hell House (1973)

Dan and I disagree on if this is a good film or not. I think it's an amusing romp. He thinks it's stupid.

Well, if it's stupid, at least it's campy about it. Roddy puts in a good performance, though.

I think you can still rent it from Netflix, if you desire. Pay close attention to the first seance! A lot of it was used for this track:

Apart (2007)

Aw. It's a love story!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Prescriptive Cartoon Ads!

Seems like the best animation being done lately tends to be used for promoting medicines you have to ask your doc if you're 'ready' for 'em. Not that it stops us from enjoying the world that was put into each of these and how they let them breathe a little despite the usual wordy disclaimers we have to face. Hey, be happy*

*These ads aren't for everyone, side effects may include dizziness, depression, insomnia, drowsiness, obesity, vomiting, erectile dysfunction, sterilization and suicidal tendencies.  Commercials are not habit-forming.  Ask your doctor which one may be right for you.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Sciany (Walls) (1988)

While training to be a sculptor, Piotr Dumała discovered that scratching images into painted plaster could be a beautiful way to create animations. This is only one technique of a method called destructive animation, where one image is erased and re-drawn to create the next frame in the sequence.

Creepy, isn't it? Here's more in that vein.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I just had to share this

That's from Dogway Melody. I'd link you to the film itself, but Warner Brothers took it down.

Just wanted to share.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Supidaman Theme Song


It's the 20th AWA and that means an extra-special Anime Hell, now in Hall D of the cavernous Galleria Convention Center!  How will we conquer this challenging spatial challenge? Find out Friday September 26!!

Preceded as always by Neil Nadelman's TOTALLY LAME ANIME and followed by Ryan Gavigan's MIDNIGHT MADNESS!!!!  BE THERE!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't touch my moustache

Last night, I showed Mom Hyakugojuuichi. When it came to the chorus, and "TV says donuts are made of fat, kazoo..." out of nowhere, Mom said, "Don't touch my mustache."

You see, there's a scene in Majority of One where Guinness is trying to teach Russell how to speak Japanese. Specifically, it's how to say "Thank you" and "you're welcome".

You’re Welcome: どういたしまして (do-i-ta-shi-ma-shi-te) (don't touch my mustache)

So, there you go. Mis-hearing Japanese anything is nothing new. I tried to weird out a 72-years-old woman and she weirded me out right back.

Also, that movie is kind of embarrassing to watch now.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I've had this stuck in my head for two weeks now and this is the finest version I've heard.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hell at Cosplay America!

Cosplay America is a new convention in Cary, NC that knows the key to a successful con is Hell. How could I argue with that? I'm pleased to be unleashing Hell at 7pm on Saturday, August 30th. It'll mostly be old favorites but with some new material mixed in to keep folks on their toes. It will also have virtually nothing whatsoever to do with cosplay, but I'm told that's just fine.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A strange aside

When we called up the kazoo orchestra last night, I was handing them out: green, yellow, orange (I kept the purple one for myself). One of our orchestra members was dressed as a member of the Green Lantern Cops.

ME: It would be wrong of me to give you a yellow kazoo, wouldn't it?

HER: Probably.


So, one girl got a green kazoo and one got a yellow one. La-de-da.

Anime Fest!

Huzzah! A most excellent show this evening. Kris* played a little pre-show music (don't forget he does a show on Wednesday nights!) and everyone was orderly and well behaved.

First contest is always Hard Gay, usually at the 30-minute mark, but we had to get our kazoo orchestra together (all fifteen of ya) and god bless if they didn't start playing "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (you were paying attention to the pre-show music!). Our winner there was an anime virgin (and for a prize, he took the Barbie book for a friend of his).

Camay walk went well and there were no sprained ankles.

The third contest...well, we just had a lot of swag to get rid of and so we had a Hard Gay\Camay mash-up. Mad props to the kazoos for playing StarWars music during that. Thanks for not making me take all that stuff home.

Best part of the night? Dan's reindeer\Frozen (and all of you singing along). My face still hurts from laughing so hard.

Bonus plus of the night. You guys were AWESOME at picking up after yourselves. I think this was the quickest cleanup evah. I'm still not sure about the reverse chairs, however. Did anyone notice a pattern? It almost felt like crop-circles.

EDIT: I was wrong in a post earlier this year. Our Quinceañera with Anime Fest IS next year. We're planning on a pinata, amongst other things.

*BTW, Kris is where I got my "Hey, you kids, get off my con!" t-shirt. We actually came up with that one while waiting to get into the room at A-Kon a few years back.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Great Scott!

That music is Raymond Scott and you should know who he is.


It's a classic! You've heard it lots of places.

Here's the full piece, as played by HIS group.

Now, you say, how would I know that guy? Well, give this one a listen.

Now listen to this.

By the way, he was also an electronic music pioneer.

Haha. That would be more interesting to sample.

I'm pretty sure this was colorized. I've heard the tune before, but not with lyrics. It's kinda creepy now.

Huh! So that's how it's done. It's almost embarrassing if it wasn't so darn cool.

Really, this whole post came about because I got a CD in the mail and I've been listening to it in the car. I honestly can't think of a better soundtrack for my life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'll jump on that bandwagon

The REAL League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from Florian Liedtke on Vimeo.

The music is by Woodkid. You should seriously check out each name in this trailer and see what they've done.

Orbitas (2013)

Orbitas | by PrimerFrame from PrimerFrame on Vimeo.

Even though there are explosions that go boom (which would not happen in space), I still think it's a lovely little story.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Get the BOOM out of the SHOT

If you're going to do it, do it right.

Here's a cleaner copy of the audio.

AnimeFest 2014

That's right! Anime Hell will be preforming it's 14th year at AnimeFest. This coming Saturday night, August 16th at 11pm. Bring a kazoo (or your own favorite instrument) and join in on the fun.

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou (2014)

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou from Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou on Vimeo.

Just a cute little feel-good cartoon.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Work (2010)

Work from Michael Rianda on Vimeo.

I was on vacation this last week and I have to go back to work tomorrow and I don't wanna.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Trailer Project

What makes these really great is trying to guess what the movie is before the title...

...And then realizing how spot-on each interpretation is.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Time Machine (That I Found at a Yardsale) (2011)

I've been putting this off and putting this off and putting it off because I knew it was going to be a slog. So here I am, and I'm finally going to do it. I'm going to not only watch this film, but I'm going to give you a blow-by-blow and I know it's going to blow but here we go.

You see, I found this thing while looking for George Pal videos. Dan and I were talking about Tubby the Tuba, so I was checking out all these George Pal cartoons and on the side-bar it said THE TIME MACHINE (I FOUND AT A YARDSALE) FULL 84 MIN. VERSION. I thought maybe they meant they'd found a copy of the "The Time Machine" at a yard sale and it had some footage I'd not seen before. Excited by that possibility, I clicked the link.

Oh, but it is not what I thought.

There are others who have covered this thing. I have not read their reviews. I watched the first ten minutes, but had to stop, but then Danno dared me to watch the rest of it. As I've done some blow-by-blows for other movies, I figured I could do this as well.

So, I've got a box of crackers, a nicely chilled bottle of pino grigio, and a wedge of fromage d'affine. Let's do it.


title It can't be all that bad, right?

The movie starts innocently enough with a 60 Minutes style intro: ticking stop-watch. The music isn’t bad and hints at the mysterious and fantastic. Actually, the music reminds me a little of Justin Beiber slowed down 800%, which is beautiful in a sort of "Sigur Ros soundtracks angels watching you realize how beautiful life is" kind of way. OK. Opening credits are out of the way. That's 2 minutes down.

bike Look ma, no helmet laws.

We start with a pretty good sequence, actually. I had no problem with this, and its John Williams style introduction to a boy and his bike. Personally, I'm a little jealous, as I can't ride one. Our hero is tootling around on his bike, having a nice day--it looks like a nice day--and he sees a yard sale. Being the inquisitive type, he pedals up to see what's up.

The yard sale in question is about ten things on a blanket in a driveway. It looks like someone took the family silver outside so it could enjoy a little sun.

box One of these things is not like the other.

Our hero picks up the VERY OBVIOUS THING. Seriously, it's like watching an old Warner Brothers cartoon and Bug Bunny is standing next to a rock, so you know he's going to pick up the rock. It's like that. This is very simple story-telling.

A very badly mic'ed yard sale owner tells our hero the box is real gold, will cost him exactly what's in his pocket ($17), and that it's only for sale to the person who's supposed to have it. This line would have a lot more import if we could hear it. An inaudible warning and our hero is off.

Here is the scene in question, if you doubt me.

kitchen Look at this for two minutes.

Now, we come to the first of many frustrating sequences in the flick. Our hero gets home, opens his gate, closes his gate, checks his mail, unlocks this kitchen door, sets the box on a table, and goes to get himself a drink. When I say to look at the above image for two minutes, I'm not kidding. That's what you're going to look at if you watch this movie.

juice Now look at this for two minutes.

Our hero gets a drink. We go through every loving step as he opens the fridge, gets a glass, pours the juice, puts the juice back in the fridge, drinks the juice, looks at the box, drinks the juice and...

We're only 7 minutes into this movie. This is where I gave up the first time around. This is really hard and I'm wondering what kind of internal dialog was supposed to be going on here (that they forgot to mic) and it hurts me to see something reasonably well-shot but poorly edited.

FINALLY, our hero opens the box. It's got lights inside and a Speak and Spell (that is very well dubbed) that has some sort of effect on clocks. He runs them faster or backwards and we get a FULL FIFTEEN SECONDS EACH to take in that magic. Fifteen seconds may not sound like much, but it sure feels it.

By now, it's nighttime outside, because who needs a consistency editor? Our hero narrates how he has a time machine and wants to know what the future holds for him and "Connie". For us, it means hearing a human voice again after four full minutes of whatever that was.

For some reason, he decides to see what life would be like tens of thousands of years in the future. Because that's really going to tell you how things with "Connie" work out.

apartment I just wanted to get an image of that poster to prove it was real.

Our hero goes back to his apartment to pack for the future. So... it's Connie's house? Why is he picking up the mail and drinking her her juice? I can tell you what the future holds: Connie getting a better boyfriend.

All right! 11:00 in and we get a green screen! Let's see what you got.

jungle Good thing he brought a phone charger.

Leaving from Hollywood Boulevard, our hero finds himself in a local park, surrounded by frogs. This pleases me, that frogs have not gone extinct or changed in any way in the tens of thousands of years it took for civilization to fall and our great cities crumble to dust, over-run by nature.

We spend a lot of time watching this guy take his jacket off. We spend even more time we'll never get back watching this guy wander around in the "jungle". He adjusts his backpack (never putting his arms through BOTH straps, because why would you do that?). Frog noises give way to bird noises.

pole It's an air-vent for the Teletubbies underground. Again! Again!

14:00 and we find a mysterious pole. No, we're not in Narnia, but I suspect it's a nod to that. Our hero almost touches it. After some more wandering, he sees a pyramidal frustum. Well, why not? Let's go wander over near that now.

handmaid Oh, great. It's a Margret Atwood novel.

15:00 and we finally see some other people. I think they're supposed to be picking berries, but you can never tell. One rushes past our hero. He chases after her in a very lackadaisical sequence and finally catches up with her to confront her.

marykay I'm glad they still have Mary Kay in the future. Stay classy!

Oh, that wasn't the soundtrack, it was an alarm. Glad they still have English in the future, albeit from the bottom of a well. The girl asks O.H. if he passed a column and explains there's an alarm going off.

Now, this is a strange thing about this flick. We have a lot of external shots: people wandering around in the park, running, whatever...but, whenever people stop to have a conversation, we go to a green screen. If the intention of moving the dialog inside was to get better sound quality, then they've totally failed in that regard. It's disconcerting. The BBC—in their most budget-constrained productions—never got this bad.

Oh! Our Hero's name is Robert. Good for him. That was 17 minutes well spent. Her name is Sheba.

Ugh, this conversation. I had the A/C on, and the quality here is so bad that I had to put on headphones. Sheba complains about the law-enforcers, but Robert says he has the power to prevent them from ever taking her back and uhm...Question?

Robert, I don't want to rain on your parade, but did it ever occur to you that you might have time traveled into a high-security prison? I know that might be a little out there; but in the future, maybe, they might have a slightly more humane approach to that and maybe it's not a police state. Maybe it's just, ya know, a prison? That could happen right? And she's not being so badly oppressed that she can's afford a little eye-shadow, ya know? Just a thought that might make this film a little more interesting. I'd like too see her turn on him, SCUM Manifesto and all that, and maybe we'd know what she's in for.

Not really knowing anything about Sheba or what's going on, or even how his time machine even works, Robert agrees to take her farther into the future.

future Marvel at...THE FUTURE.

Now that we're maybe thousands of years in the future, Sheba makes an interesting pronouncement.

"Since I'm not a slave anymore, I shouldn't look like one. I'll be right back."


Robert stands around while something happens off-screen. This movie needs an editor so bad; but then, it wouldn't be a FULL 84 MIN.

Sheba comes back in a blue suit. "I kept this secret, for the day I would be free. I made it myself." Glad to know she's got a bra under there, as we can see the strap. She takes off her slave bracelet, looks at it, and decides to keep it, "to remind me". Also, it might be worth something, ya know? I'm just waiting for this woman to betray everyone, please god.

Sheba grills Robert on his living situation and where she's going to stay. I think from here, we can deduce that the house with the juice wasn't Connie's place, but his mom's. He also says he has no woman he cares about right now, so I'm wondering what's up with Connie? Maybe I misheard it (easy to do in this flick), but I'm not re-watching that to find out.

And this is where Robert tries to mansplain the Internet. Dude, she is from the future. She speaks English. I'm pretty sure she's heard of the Internet. You are embarrassing everyone.

We get a cute "let's go climb that hill" sequence and I have to say, I do like the music.

spaceship Actually, it's the gift shop.

Once at the top of the hill, Robert sees a "spaceship". He has to go see it. It looks like it's been there a while, so Robert claims salvage rights on it and they go inside to check it out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: don't ever chroma-key people onto a black background when they have a flashlight aimed at the camera.

In the crew's quarters (which we can't see), Sheba notes they did not make their beds. Robert says they must have left in a hurry.

sink I swear I thought that was a sink before they came into frame.

They make it to the control deck, which is "cool". Sheba says they should not be there. Robert is totally "this is ours now" because he walked in and MAYBE THEY JUST WENT TO THE STORE, HUH? Robert is such a dick, it's making me nuts. I have no sympathy for this guy and I'm just waiting for him to get his face eaten off.

He sits in the "very comfortable" chair and fiddles with the joystick. Sheba says he should give her the time machine and she'll wait outside. Oh, please, make my dreams come true and screw this guy over. Instead, he tells her to sit down, stop worrying, and "what could go wrong?" Well, now that you've said it, just about anything.

Robert manages to get the ship turned on and we have the interminable "putting on your seat-belt" sequence. It pains me to see these things happening over and over again, where people just fumble around on screen for forever. We're 27:00 into the picture and it feels like a countdown to freedom.

I'm going to quote Macbeth here, "[I]t is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." This is the best description of the spaceship taking off I can muster. We see it from the point of view of a control room with no widows.

28:40 and Robert makes a noise. Sound and fury, folks. Sound and fury.

bbc Quick! Slap some CGI on a still from a BBC nature series!

Sheba asks Robert how he won't get lost. He explains how a spaceship works and does so in the most cocksure manner possible. I loathe him. I really do. All I can think of at this moment is all the things I'd rather be doing right now other than watching this movie.

Sheba asks what a button does, then flips it, because that's what you do. An alarm goes off and a voice asks "Seven" to get supplies to the resistance as soon as possible. Just for once, I'd like a voice I can hear clearly. Sheba says they need to go and Robert waffles because it's convenient for him to do so at this juncture.

just cause No reason for this shot. It's there just cause.

"Wow, that was fun!" "Yeah, that was fun!"


31:08. I have to take a break and go...vomit or something.

warp Let's look at this for a minute. A whole minute.

Robert decides that after the "fun" they had, they need to get back on course and so he wants to put the ship into warp. "Wow, look at this!" (See above picture.) "This is fantastic!"

"Yes," Sheba says, not sounding fully convinced.

"We're traveling at warp seven," Robert explains. "Seven times the speed of light. Very fast."

And it's stuff like this that make me especially sad. I had to stop here and talk to the roomie, who's a rocket scientist (for reals!). His first question is, "Where is the ship headed?"

I say I don't know, so he says, "Well, let's say they're going to the closest star: Toliman. It's about four light years away."

"So, at seven times the speed of light," I say, "it should take them about six months."

"And that's not counting time dilation due to relativity," he says.

"Considering this movie is about a time machine," I point out, "they might have tossed relativity out the window."

"Relativity, causality, or faster-than-light travel," the roomie says. "Pick two."

"What if it's just a really bad movie?" I ask.

"Oh," he says, "If the pacing is anything like what you've been complaining about from the other room, it will be another ten minutes."

ship Now, let's look at this for a full minute.

Sheba wants to fly the ship now. "I've watched you. I can fly it." Yes, let the agrarian slave fly the space ship. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

"This is really fun!" Sheba says. Robert agrees, then says he's going to take a nap and for her to wake them up when they get there, so he can land it, because he's got so much experience flying a spaceship.

crystal Finally, we've arrived on the planet of GIANT CRYSTALS.

36:00 in and we're here. "According to the planet map, we should be close to the place marked on the map."

dialog I have no idea. This just happened. No one was talking.

And we're back on the spaceship then and I don't know why. They're going to another planet? OK, that's another six months in space and who am I kidding?

I do want to say that Sheba, for a slave from ten-thousand years in the future, has a better grasp on things than our buddy Robert. She sees a planet that's the fourth from its sun; she surmises that's why it's called D. OK? She picked leaves for a living and does not know how to put on eyeshadow, but she's got a firm understanding of naming systems. Please GOD, let her be a space pirate in disguise.

trees Ah, the forest moon of D.

When I post these pictures of nothing, I'm not being super-selective. There is so much nothing in this movie that it really does not take any kind of timing on my part to grab a screen shot where nothing is happening. It's like that quote from Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles where he talks about if a Martian probe had landed in the Sahara and therefore the Martians had decided there was no life on Earth. It is so like that in so many ways and I'm not even kidding.

Robert and Sheba say the planet is beautiful. He says he's going to get his backpack. She says she won't walk far. They both walk away, leaving on opposite sides of the screen. We get to look at an empty screen for another full minute before Sheba wanders on-screen and picks up some dried flowers. Finally, at 40:00, there's a noise. Could be an animal. Sheba runs off screen.

dinosaur The horror. The horror.

It's a dinosaur. It's a badly rendered one, but that's what it is. Sheba freezes, Robert (oddly, sans backpack) mouths to NOT MOVE. Aw, it's not like Grumpy and Alice are going to cause you any trouble. They're just dinosaurs, on another planet, thousands of years in the future. No biggy.

The well-trained dino does not move. Robert pulls out a cute little Beretta-wanna-airsoft and aims at the dinosaur, but a sound effect distracts him and his target gets away. Sheba hugs Robert and says she was frightened. Robert says he now knows what the D stands for.

damaar It stands for DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN.

41:37 and I can't believe this is only half over. Maybe we should break for lunch.

casbah I really thought this was another title card until they wandered into frame.

The movie has decided to do that for us. Robert and Sheba go to the local all-you-can-stand Mediterranean buffet, where two guys in name-tags (George and Rafik) seat them at a table and say the show is about to start.

And then there's the belly-dancer. She's only so-so, but it's obvious her dancing has nothing to do with the music being played. There are other belly-dancers you can watch, and they are easy to find.

46:00 and another guy with a name-tag (Mr. Agassiz) shows up. Our hero, Robert Moore, introduces himself. Agassiz laments that "Seven" could not meet him, but you two totally random people who I've never met before seem totally legit, so here's some damning evidence. He hands Bobby a slip of paper he just happens to have on him, even though he has no idea if they're spies or whatever (weird, considering he just said there were spies everywhere).

line Line?

As Bob and Sheba aren't "from around here", they need some exposition and this guy fills them in on how the government is oppressive and many people have disappeared and blah blah blah.....You wouldn't happen to be selling any diamonds, would you? The question if very out of the blue. "Seven" always had diamonds to sell.

Aaaaand we're back on the spaceship. "It's too late to turn back now," Sheba says, forgetting they have a time machine.

50:36 and an alarm goes off. No one knows what it is. I'll tell you what it is. It's the only thing in this movie that's seen a microphone. It’s loud in these headphones!

Oh, look! Other spaceships. And they have guns. That fire. And make noise. In space.

"I'm going to drop to sub-light speed and find a place to hide," Robert says. Too bad he already dropped to sub-light speed a minute ago (yes, a full minute) so he could "look around".

As that does not work, Robert's next big plan is to "slip" into a nebula.

slip Slip on, you crazy totally not diamond. We don't have any of those, but we'll talk to Mr. Agassiz if we do.

"Maybe we lost them," Robert offers.

"No," says Sheba. "I can sense they know we're here."

gripping Gripping gripping action.

She argues that she can "sense" them, and offers to steer the ship. I'm not going into any great detail on this and neither is this movie.

And thus begins a game of sleeping cat and dead mouse. They manage to "slip" by the other ships, resulting in a cheer. Now, it's off to the other planet. Oh, but now that they'd had a shoot-out with one star cruiser, there may be others looking for them.

this I guess you could call it a hommage, but please don't.

They bury the supplies on the other planet, because no one came to meet them. That totally makes sense.

It's here we break from the ACTION to have an in-depth philosophical conversation about predetermination vs free-will. Not that anyone uses those words, per se, but that's what it's about.

Sheba says she wants to travel and "Oh, while you were digging, I was cleaning, and I found..." A BAG OF DIAMONDS. Sheba wants to buy new clothes on Damaar. Guess we're going to go see Agassiz again.

Aw, crap. An hour in and I ran out of cheese.

look Look at this while I reload the plate.

OK, I got some sausage to go with the leftover crackers and we're moving from the pino to a port. Onward.

Robert's wearing a red shirt, which I suppose he had in his backpack. It's not too terribly wrinkled, so I'm also guessing he had an iron and one of those universal power adapters. Sheba shows up in a pink outfit and he compliments her on it.

Robert mentions that Agassiz is still interested in any diamonds they have, and I have to wonder if this conversation is happening before or after they sold some because how did Sheba have the money to get a new dress?

I'm really happy that everyone speaks the same language, in the same form, because I tried reading Beowulf in Old English once and that wasn't even five-thousand years old, let alone tens of thousands of years. This makes things much easier for the viewing public.

Now that they don't need money, they discuss the possibility of doing a job for Agassiz: namely, picking something up on one planet and bringing it back there. But it's not anywhere near that dinosaur planet. Agassiz said it's not dangerous, but it will pay TEN THOUSAND CREDITS. Because they don't have to worry about money anymore, remember?

rocks Look at this city on a hill for a minute.

Back on the ship, Robert enters the coordinates. Sheba wants to do the take-off and he says he does not care. Glad to know that you're invested, Robert.

camera I would have put the camera somewhere else.

One hour and two minutes. ROBERT ASKS SHEBA TO MAKE HIM A SANDWICH. I'm going to cut someone. He just said, "I'm getting kinda hungry. Do you think you could go to the galley and make us a couple sandwiches and something to drink?" Why didn't you get any Levantine cuisine at Agassiz's all-you-can-eat? You could have grabbed some pita or hummus or at least a side of tabbouleh.

And she says OK. Because she's an agrarian slave. Let's not forget that.

A minute later, she returns with two sandwiches. Robert puts it on auto-pilot. He—at the very least—has the decency to thank Sheba for the sandwich.

"This is like having a motor-home in space," Robert says. "I need to put cup-holders in this thing." Sheba never asks what a motor-home is.

It takes another full minute to land the ship, as it always does. Once again, we only see this from the point of view of on the bridge but not looking out a window. There is less and less of this movie I can show you that I have not already shown you. I could start recycling screen-shots and you would never know.

chilly Robert never packed a sweater.

We spend too much time walking in the corn-starch to a "cave", where Robert picks up a box (which you will never, ever, ever know the contents of). After discussing how they aren't dressed for this, they hear a noise and decide to go back to ship, a journey that we get to watch in painful detail.

plot Oh, thank god. Something happened.

"I thought there weren't supposed to be any Imperial ships around here," says Sheba, nonchalantly.

"That's what he said," Robert answers, dutifully, never suspecting a set-up. "Well, it was fun while it lasted."

Sheba says they're going to die. Robert says the sun is going to go down in two hours. Good for you, Bobby. You never land on a planet without knowing all about it. I'm glad someone is keeping up.

Sheba regrets that she never got to meet Robert's mom and sister, as she wanted to leave a good impression. Sheba, girl, don't value yourself off what others think of you. Get a little self-respect. You're about to freeze to death, so do it with a modicum of dignity.

And hey! They never went to check the ship out, ya know? They just saw a little smoke and sat down to die. That's pretty easy. I mean, if that's all it takes, I dunno. I'd at least try to do something with the ship, like maybe, get inside and put out the fire or not freeze to death. Just a thought. I don't plan on being poignant when I go.

Oh! Hooray for Sheba. She remembers that this movie has the words TIME MACHINE in the title and she asks Robert if said device is in his backpack. He can't remember. But it is! They're going to be OK! Just a mild paradox, nothing to worry yourself about.

backyard And then we're in someone's back yard. What happened?

Sheba has earned herself a pair of pants and we're back on Earth! In Robert's time! Oh, it's his Mom's! They are so lucky they didn't wind up in someone's hot water heater or something.

Everyone hugs. Robert's mom and sister are a little too happy to see him. Maybe they're happy he's got a girlfriend. What ever became of Connie?

"We are so happy for the both of you!" exclaims Robert's mom. Did they get married?

Hang on! No, they can't get married. She's from the future, remember? She doesn’t have a birth certificate or social security number or driver's license or anything. I know we've got a lot of folks railing on about the "sanctity of marriage" and stuff, but those are also the same folks who are pretty tough about immigration and marriage just happens to be one of the things that's really, really effected by those laws. I'm just saying....

fight Aaaaaaaaaaaaand...FIGHT!

And now we have a very painful conversation with Robert's mom. Sheba grew up in Hollywood! Aw, but her parents died when she was young. She used to work in produce! In berries! But she quit when she and Robert "crashed" into each other. Why, he just swept her off her feet. I'm pretty sure this scene is supposed to be played for laughs, with knowing glances and all that, but it falls flat.

1:10:00 and we're back on the ship! Oh, that wacky couple! They're going to have all kinds of great adventures in their "motor-home".

map Now we can track where Not-Me left the body.

Back on the ship (How is there still 13 minutes of movie?) and Sheba found a treasure map. It even says "treasure" on it. Wow. They land on some planet and we look at rocks for a minute. I'm not bothering with a screen-shot. You know what rocks look like. Go look at one for a minute. They wander around in front of pictures of rocks for a while. Lots of establishing shots.

last We haven't seen the last of these two, sadly.

Now they're in the canyon. Spoooooky. More walking around in front of pictures of rocks.

They enter a cave and there's a hole in the cave and there's music in the cave and there might even be a cliff in the cave we can hang off of because that's really how this is feeling. I swear, if that treasure is a mirror, I'm going to throw something.

"According to the map, I have to go down here," says Robert. "Stay right here."

sheba So she does. For a full minute.

Robert returns with a sack of diamonds. "There must be hundreds down there. I'll be right back." Why, they're just like the bag of diamonds they found earlier on the ship! The kind of diamonds that "Seven" was always willing to sell Mr. Agassiz. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

beech I bet that red shirt stinks.

And now we're on the beech. Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently, they brought their own cups off the ship, but no idea on those lawn chairs.

"At some point, we need to help the resistance," Sheba says. Yes, well, that will have to happen in another movie. But thanks for trying to set that up, nonetheless.

Say, you don't think the old dude at the yard sale was "Seven" do you? Poor old dude, just looking to retire, but willing to sell a life of adventure to some young dick for $17? Will you do that to me, movie? Will you cut back to an old man, winking?

No, we go one step dumber. Robert decides to flip a coin to see if they leave immediately to help the resistance or in a week ( have a time machine...). He flips, looks at it, and shakes his head. "Oh, man...."


Finally, we get the closing credits. We also learn this movie could only afford one font.

There are other reviews of this "movie" online. Everyone pretty much has the same complaints. However, I'd like to float something past you.

This is the movie Floating Weeds and if you have not seen it, you should. You can rent it off Netflix (and that link's to the full 119 minutes, not the 89 minute version).

I may have mentioned to you guys before, but I'm an art-fag and I like artsy movies and I can sit through a lot of things that take their time. I've got Qatsi-levels of patience. You want to show me 15 minutes of a flickering screen? Yeah, I'll watch it and talk about the Zen qualities of living in the here and now and experiencing a thing for experience's sake, forgoing the hustle and bustle of a goal-oriented need for beginning, middle, and end.

And if you bother to watch Floating Weeds, you're going to see some weird things. Frequently, characters are positioned in the dead-middle of the screen, and they speak directly to the camera. It's disconcerting when it happens, because you can't tell who they're talking to, but they're talking to you, the audience. When you watch this movie, you will see that happen time and time again, even though all your film classes say to not do that. Be bold. Do what you want!

And if you watch Floating Weeds, you're also going to see pillow shots, Yasujiro Ozu, who directed Floating Weeds had this thing he did.

They just exist, for no reason. They don't further the plot or establish any kind of setting or character. They actually kinda slow down the film. They put a new pace on it.

And so, when you're watching a film, and you see shots of rocks, or trees, or the stars, and those shots last a full minute, like so much of the footage shot for The Time Machine (I Found at a Yardsale), I want you to think about Yasujiro Ozu, and Floating weeds, and how boring this crap is when done wrong and how you're never going to get that time back.

stone Now look at this rock for two minutes.

I watched this so you don't have to.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


There's stuff we don't show at Hell for a variety of reasons. This one hits them all.

Warnings for: language, a cartoon penis, discrimination against poo, cartoon violence, alien breasts, (TRIGGER WARNING) a music lesson, fish slapping, intermission, turtle vaginas, masturbation, pseudopediphelia, unacceptable behavior, Hitler, cartoon nudity, suicide, lesbians (not shown), that teapot, Jesus, silent emptiness, and a haunting piano piece that will be stuck in your head for days.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Stupid Video Panel OF DOOM! Report, AnimeNEXT 2014

2014 was my first AnimeNEXT, and though I'd been saying I was never too keen on "Panel OF DOOM!" as an adequate descriptor, for 10 years I couldn't think of a better name. Taking a cue from the subtitle I added onto AWA 2013's, I settled on adding "Stupid Video" to the front of it. That way everybody could tell at a glance from the name as printed in the schedule what the panel would be about.

For a first-year panel, I'd say turnout was relatively decent: maybe 60% capacity? Far be it for me to lay any culpability on myself, so I'll give two justifications for that. First, the room had only one projector screen situated in the corner, so seats on the opposite corner were likely to have a hard time seeing the screen. More importantly, it was brought up to me that the Bridgewater hotel in which the panel was taking place was a brand-new addition to the con's layout as of that year. The convention was split up across four buildings, only two of which had an interconnecting pathway. The remaining two hotels required you go outside and walk 5-10 minutes, crossing outdoor streets and bridges, and (on Friday) without any signs in place. Since the new hotel wasn't within line-of-sight to the other buildings, I never would've known that hotel was even part of the convention had I not been told.

I was also a bit concerned that they had panel programming split up across multiple buildings, such that there were three rooms called, for instance, "Panel 1" which was the designation for the room I was in. You just had to know "Bridgewater Panel 1" wasn't the same as "Doubletree Panel 1"...which wasn't easy because the Doubletree had panel rooms ALSO named "Bridgewater." The big sign in front of my panel room said "Panel 4," but it was actually "BW Panel 1." People eventually figured this all out, but my hope for next year is they just give everything a unique number designation, then state which building it's in afterwards.

Oh, but it wouldn't be Hell/DOOM! though without technical difficulties, now would it? In the leading moments to the panel start time, my laptop which has served me in my DOOM! endeavors ever since I stopped running off VHS cassettes decided to finally die for good. It just wouldn't post. I always make a backup of everything onto a flash memory stick for such eventualities...and then it turns out that I packed the WRONG stick in my bag. (Before anyone asks: as is standard for most conventions, panel rooms weren't equipped with DVD players.) Staff/Tech Ops really bailed me out here. Thanks to creative use of a multitool knife as a makeshift screwdriver, I was able to diagnose the problem and figure out "well, if I could just remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer, it'll work." As fate would have it, one of the staffers packed a USB SATA enclosure and my laptop hard drive wasn't THAT ancient (there was momentary concern when it wouldn't fit, but it turns out the drive had a F-to-M adapter on it), so DOOM! started a mere 5 minutes late or so! Well. I guess I'd better start shopping for either a new laptop or a tablet capable of outputting video and running Windows. Kind of a tough expense to justify when literally the only use I have for the things is to run panels at anime conventions, but so it goes. Here's the list of what got run, most all of it items taken from THIS VERY BLOG:


Laundry Day (I'm always concerned to run things seen by millions of people; a few remembered seeing it but 2014 is the year to run Sailor Moon parodies)
Elvis Is Speed Racer (nobody seemed to know about Viva Las Vegas or pick up that the song was from Speed Racer)
Nuigulumar Z Trailer
Kanpai Senshi
Bowser Says the N-Word in Mario Kart 8
Saison Credit Card commercial
Katsuhiro Otomo commercial from 1984
Doraemon Akira style (nobody seemed to know who Doraemon was or what Akira was)
Pepe Deluxe - Salami Fever
Welcome to the NHK - Sato Discovers Internet Porn
Sailor Moon Stars eyedrops commercial
The Women of Robotech
Midori Anzen - Bunen commercial to encourage gaijin to come to Japan, where indoor smoking is permitted
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Murder Music (I experiemented with running all the clips in order rather than spacing it didn't go over as well)
Turkey Shoot trailer
Turning Girls episode 2
Sesame Street - Cracks
Cock Puncher trailer
Bushido Man trailer
The Wizard of Speed and Time
My Friend God
Doozy Bots (didn't get too many laughs; I had to explain "those are SD versions of the robots from Mobile Suit Gundam")
Sivaji the Boss
Your Anime Superstore commercial
Superman Never Says Yes to a Cigarette
Yogi Bear Cigarette PSA
Game Launch Rock!
Chuck Norris Missing in Action
Sidekicks (despite not knowing some of those anime bits, lots of people seemed to immediately realize this clip was from Sidekicks)
Gdgd Fairies Season 2 - Pkpk Clones
The Cat - Cat vs Dog fight
20/20 - Nuts for Nintendo with John Stossel
Old Glory Insurance
Japanorama - Cosplay
Ninja III: The Domination - Ninja vs Golfers
The Ninja Squad - Ivan the Red's First Victim (after what happened with Gatchaman, I left it at just the first clip rather than show the rest)
Charge! Men's School episode 4: We Can't Lose to the Foreigners!
Be A Man Samurai School - Somersault Instructions
Look Around You - Slimby and the Special Picture
Domain of Murder - Finale
Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown
Sukeban Deka - Breakdance Fight
Monkey vs Robot
Danger 5 Season 1 Trailer
Chargeman Ken - Dynamite in the Brain!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Read More About It.

To learn more about whatever you can think of, the Library of Congress suggests these books...

These and many other informative books are waiting at your local library or bookstore, visit them, they'll be happy to help you read more about it!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Animazement 2014 Report

Despite major technical difficulties - the new AV crew could only get a single laptop hooked up to their setup and the screen the audience watched everything on resembled a giant Lite-Brite - we managed to soldier on and deliver a pretty solid Hell at Animazement 2014. While I was too scatter-brained to get around to plugging the show beforehand, the full playlist is now available to enjoy. Thanks as ever to Animazement Hellions Jared Blashka, Cameron Blashka, and Chris Culpepper, with special thanks to my pal William Bloodworth for this year's awesome Hell flyer.

Anime North Anime Hell 2014 After-Action Report

The Koto drummers went on before Anime Hell - later in the day because the spa downstairs doesn't like the noise during their operating hours. Didn't cause a problem for us; in fact it was a great lead-in and the crowd was confused at first but appreciative. Which fits in nicely with Anime Hell.

Video was great, sound was better this year thanks to new speakers, tech went off without a hitch, room was filled to capacity, and we rocked for two hours.  Shain has video of the crowd here.  Here's what I ran:

The preshow included the songs "Stay Away From Downtown" by Redd Kross, a Lee Marvin PSA for Voice of America, and a song about a girl who had her little gun to protect little me.

Part one:

  • The TV Show
  • my 2014 opening, "Teeth"
  • Why do we like anime?  Because American cartoons sucked. Like, say, 
  • Super President
  • Mr. T
  • Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Supercut
  • Anime is obviously superior because sometimes small woodland creatures trip out on mushrooms
  • Bannertail the squirrel
  • action scene from 009 Re:Cyborg
  • action scenes from Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2013
  • Pokemon seizure scene
  • live-action Kiki's Delivery Service trailer
  • live-action Patlabor
  • Patlabor erected in Shibuya home video
  • clip from live action Gatchaman film
  • live action Lupin III trailer
  • live action Lupin comedy clip
  • Vickie The Viking live action film clip
  • Kanpai Senshi After V
  • Attack On Titan with cats
  • Attack On Titan Subaru ad
  • Char Zeonic Toyota
  • Char scene from "How To Date A Fujoshi Girl"
  • Yamato bike ad
  • Yamato 2199 clips
  • Star Blazers Will Return After These Messages
  • Lighter Jii
  • Saison credit card ad
  • Upgrade credit card ad (Sailor Moon)
  • Toon Makers Sailor Moon
  • Women Of Robotech
  • Sentai vs Magical Girl
  • Laundry Day
  • Dr. Bees
  • Dr. Brule "for your hell"

Part two:

  • Your Anime Superstore
  • Eyesore Cinema ad
  • Yogi Bear anti-smoking ad
  • CG Peanuts film trailer
  • Bring Me The Head Of Charlie Brown
  • Godzilla 2014 trailer remix
  • Bob's Burgers Equestrinauts
  • My Little Brony
  • Nuiguimar Z trailer
  • VCS
  • Pong
  • Lea Press On Limbs
  • Last Episode Of Naruto
  • Devil Of Smoke
  • Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue
  • Maximum Hormone Stop The Winny Upload!!!
  • Windows 7 girl
  • Socket
  • Galaxy Gear ad
  • Cariboon/DJ-1/Cariboon
  • Twain's Garbage Raft Rambles
  • Shogi
  • Shogun Warriors TV ad

And that was it for the night, and then we left the room so the tech guys could put everything to bed and we went out in the hall and had cake. THE END.  See you in Toronto next May!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Anime Hell at Anime Central 2014

I haven't found any clips from last night's show at Anime Central, but here's a couple clips from 2011.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


it's all happening NEXT FRIDAY at 10pm in what used to be the Doubletree Hotel but is now the International Plaza Hotel as part of Anime North!!

THIS IS THE BIG ONE KIDS!! Our tenth show here in Toronto! DON'T MISS IT

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moon Animate, Make-Up!

Moon Animate, Make-Up! is what you get when over 200 fans re-animate an episode of Sailor Moon. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Leslie "Les" Carlson

David Cronenberg - Camera (2000) by thisisthat

Leslie "Les" Carlson has died at the age of 81. Cause of death was not released. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was found in his Toronto home on May 3. Happy birthday to me.

Friday, May 09, 2014

'Tater Salad

It's at 2:30 that I knew I had to post it.

For the life of me, I can't understand why they weren't as popular as the Andrews Sisters.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Penguin's Memory: Shiawase Monogatari (1985)

Who knew a movie with penguins could be so dramatic!

Mike is a penguin soldier who returns home after being injured during combat. Estranged from his family and friends, he leaves his hometown and starts to roam adrift through the country.

Jellyfish Eyes

This is showing tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art and I'm sorry to say, but it's sold out.

But, maybe, you don't live in Dallas.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anime Fest Panel Poll

It's that time of year again. Anime Fest is asking folk to vote for their panels. Anime Hell is one of them.


Now, granted, only paid members can vote, so it's really not that much different from any election. Ha ha.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anime Hell Facebook Page

Head over to the new Anime Hell Facebook Page.

Bad news, kids

If you were looking forward to seeing Anime Hell at A-Kon this year, don't. We're not doing it. No Dogsnack. No Hard Gay. No Camay Walk. No Kazoos. No Hell Nurse Katie. None of that.

I hear you asking, "Why? Sweet lord, why?" Well, we contacted A-Kon this year, at the same time of of year as we have the last few times, and got the following reply:

A-kon has for many years been shifting towards an environment where we do not seek out talent, we have talent beating our doors from panels to artists, and everything beyond.

Unfortunately this year I actually had a waiting list for groups and rooms starting in October. Additionally there was a last minute unscheduled change that leaves us without our largest video space for half of the convention, as it is becoming Registration. We are making due [sic] with all the changes but we don't have space between programming and events to fit you guys in this year, and our programming book has already gone to print.

In thinking about all the folks we had to contact to let them know it wasn't happening this year, I had to remember you, the fans. It's not that we've quit; we're just not going to be there this year. We'll be back next year and we're still planning on Anime Fest later this year.

What this also means is we will not be wearing the Quinceañera dresses next year. Next year will the the 14th show at A-Kon, not the 15th. You'll have to wait another year to see us all in our pretty pretty princess outfits.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because, ya know, Vincent Price

Featuring the vocal sylings of Casey Kasem, Conan O'Brian, and VINCENT PRICE.

Yeah, OK. I know it's not Conan. It's Danny Kaye. But still....

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Popcorn (1974)

What does popcorn and the Air Force Reserve have in common? Nothing really, but this recruitment film produced by Hanna-Barbera's kinda corny!

Friday, April 04, 2014


ANIJAM (1984)

Mark Kausler, Anne Chevalier, Zdenko Gasparovic, Max Bannah, Sally Cruikshank, Guido Manuli, Wayne Morris, Kaj Pindal, Hal Fukushima, Janet Perlman, Dieter Mueller, Frank Terry, Per Lygum, Paul Vester, Paul Driessen, Gordon Stanfield, Kathy Rose, Brad Caslor, Frank Nissen, Kazunari Furuya, Zlatko Grgic and Marv Newland.


Mario Garcia-Montes, Julian Antonisz, Olle Hedman, Max Bannah, Roman Meitsov, Daniel Schelfthout, Shaila Paralkar, Mahjoub Zouhair, Andre Lindon, Marilyn Cherenko, Alison Johnston, Bob Lin, Kresimir Zimonjic, Heikki Paakkanen, Steve Segal, Frantisek Skala, Vera Moe, Michalis Arfaras, Robert Alder, Fernando Garza Tamez, Chan Sanwei, Vera Neubauer, Taku Furukawa, Oliver Georgi, Walter Tournier, Alastair McIlwain, Vincenzo Gioanola, Jannik Hastrup, Robi Engler, Tsvika Oren, Jordan Ananiadis, Jose Antonio Sistiaga, Peter Szoboszlay, Robert Stenhouse, Marcos Magalhaes, Peter Sweenen


Georges Schwizgebel, Claude Luyet, Daniel Suter, Martial Wannaz, David Ehrlich, Jane Aaron, Skip Battaglia, Paul Glabicki, George Griffin, Al Jarnow, Jerzy Kucia, Piotr Dumala, Stanislaw Lenartowicz, Krzysztof Kiwerski, Mieczyslaw Janik, Yan Ding Xian, A Da, Chang Guang Xi, He Yu Men, Hu Jin Qing and Lin wen Xiao

David Anderson, Elizabeth Buttler, Tom Gasek, Joan Gratz, Karen Aqua, Paul Driessen, Christine Panushka, Joanna Priestley, Craig Bartlett and Marv Newland.


Sally Cruikshank, David Ehrlich, Candy Kugel, Bill Plympton, Maureen Selwood, Mati Kutt, Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer, Priit Parn, Jan Svankmajer, Pavel Koutsky, Jiri Barta, Bordo Dovnikovic, Josko Marusic, Dusan Vukotic, Nikola Majdak, Renzo Kinoshita, Kihachiro Kawamoto and Osamu Tezuka


Christopher Hinton, Craig Bartlett, Janet Perlman, Stoyan Dukov, Sara Petty, Alison Snowden, David Fine, Paul Driessen and Marv Newland


Paul Driessen, Cordell Barker, Lillian Chan, Malcolm Sutherland, Alison Snowden, David Fine, Chris Hinton, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Marv Newland, Louise Johnson, Joel Mackenzie, Jody Kramer, Jonathan Ng, Howie Shia and Janet Perlman.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happy 35th Nickelodeon (if needed)

Because I have no faith in it all, I'll leave you with this playlist of what I consider the best of said network (though mainly pre-1990, so all you Y/Z-Gen snots can just suck it).

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy, Happy Monchhichi!

Let's celebrate the 40th birthday of one of America's forgotten toy crazes.

Brought to you by ABC and these guys....