Tuesday, September 09, 2014


It's the 20th AWA and that means an extra-special Anime Hell, now in Hall D of the cavernous Galleria Convention Center!  How will we conquer this challenging spatial challenge? Find out Friday September 26!!

Preceded as always by Neil Nadelman's TOTALLY LAME ANIME and followed by Ryan Gavigan's MIDNIGHT MADNESS!!!!  BE THERE!


Danno Baker said...

I wish I could be there.

d. merrill said...

You could rent a car, head out Thursday, be there in time for Old School Classroom. I got crash space for ya!

Danno Baker said...

Unfortunately I'm working Sunday morning at 5am. But hopefully you'll snap a picture or two of Neil and Gavv doing their thing that I can reconstruct the experience through the power of imagination.

Chris Nemec said...

You should have told me, Danno. I went there. Hell was fun, I'd been going through hell withdrawal. The Totally Lame Anime was interesting. I have to wonder though if they've ever played Koi Koi 7 though.