Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Anime Hell report from Ikasucon

greetings from the midwestern Hellkeeper emeritus,

Last weekend at Ikasucon in Cincinnati I presided over one of my 'pantented'? Anime Hell / Midnight Madness combo. A two hour Hell showing followed by my wacky parody dubbing madness.

I've been working with digicapped archived Hell footage i've made over the last few months, along with stuff still on tape, and other stuff i've personally come across in the last few weeks ^^. Thanks to Hellmonkey Goofyrobo we have a new music video performance from the 'Yatta' japanese group, called 'Fish Fight'. The audience was extremely hot at Ikasucon, was a quite 'new' to Hell audience, only a handful had been to a performance, so even 'old' classics like Bring me the Head of CB, & The Farting Evangelist 1 went over huge.

The con had basically only 1 dvd,1 vcr & a mike for me, no mixer for the video. I had about 80% of the footage mixed out onto a DVD in my playlist order, spread out with 4 or 5 videotape segments to spread stuff out.

Among my new contributions in this show were:
Arcade84 (awesome example of 3d Modeling and can't go wrong with an Arcade & Journey music ;) )
'The Gayest Moment in The History of the History Channel' - a small segment i taped myself years ago but forgot about...let us just say it involves LARPing ;)
new preview for Midnight Madness
Star_Wars_Kid a New Hope - Heino Remix (cheap way of getting Dancin Heino without showing Dancin Heino ^^)
Futurama - if life were a videogame short.
The Exploding Whale

The main 'chunks' of shorts I created were the 'Oops' chunk, the 'Video games' chunk, and a 'Musical' chunk, interspersed with misc bridging material.

I now have quite a lot captured and archived , but always needing more stuff to archive ^^...and i still can't find a copy of Old Glory Robot Insurance in my possession...


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Tohoscope said...

Somewhere I've got Old Glory Robot Insurance as an MPEG...I e-mail it to you when I find it...