Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Boston Franchise opening soon

Well, I've heard from Arisia and the good news is I should be able to get all the equipment I need, but the bad news is the only time slot they could give me was 5-6pm on Saturday. Any advice?


Tohoscope said...

Ouch. Only an hour in the early evening? Well, you gotta do your best with what they give you.

What I'd do is make sure you've got all your videos cued up and ready way before the show. Spend a few nights just cueing up the tapes and writing down the timecodes for the DVDs and VCDs.

Select very short clips. Lots of movie trailers and old commercials work best. I got alot of good Hellstuff out of showing just those Gerry Anderson Show openings and the first scene from THUNDERBIRD 6 that I got from you. "An airship???"

If at all possible, on the day of your show, see if you can get into the room you're scheduled for at least 20 minutes before the show is supposed to start. Trust me on this one. You'll need the time to set up all your material and learn how the equipment works....IF IT WORKS. I can almost guarantee some sort of technical snafu.

Track down the head of AV before the show, or somebody who can help out with the AV equipment before and during the show. This kind of help from the con can make or break your show...

I'll post more tomorrow...

Tohoscope said...

Have you started making a playlist?