Monday, January 31, 2005

Boston's first Hell report

Just wanted to drop a belated line reporting that the first Video/Anime Hell I ran at the Arisia 2005 Convention didn't suck utterly. Despite NO advertising (they stuck me in the middle of a Hitchhiker's Guide Marathon) and nothing in the program, and with little to no technology, I Lsanto weirded out the folks in the video room. I ran stuff off the dvds, kindly provided by M. Nadelman and got some good response. There were a varying number of folks in the room during the time, but most of them liked it (never would have figured there'd be anal retentive Doug Adam's fans). I was asked to repeat it next year and I WILL get a late night slot and more prep time.


davehellmerrill said...

ROCKIN MIKE!!! Glad it went well in spite of the more perseverant of Douglas Adams' devotees.

Sorry the tape didn't get to you in time. Keep it for next year!!

Matt? said...

That's the thing with fans. They can be fans of something that's actually good, and still be just as irritating as people who like crap. Though speaking for myself, I'd rather watch Hitchhikers Guide than anything by CPF, too.

Tohoscope said...

If the positive comments out weight the negitive, it was a good show. I figure if they already invited you back for next year you must of done a damn good job.