Monday, January 03, 2005

Heino is Ohio's new Mr. Saturday Night!

Anime Hell will be returning to Ohayocon in two weeks, Saturday night, January 14th (con is jan 13-15). Anime Hell will be run by yours truly and the enigmatic Mr Rich Lather, and run from 10-Midnight, to be followed directly by three hours of parody-laden (both african & european) Midnight Madness. We're working on the final lineup, switching in some new favorites and *slightly* tailoring the lineup to fit a tad into the overall 'horror' sub-motif of this year's con (last year was 'tokusatsu', so we threw in some Dynaman).

see everyone there and be safe with those forklifts!



Tohoscope said...

It's Klaus's first Ohayocon and boy is he excited!

Tohoscope said...

Hey! How'd it go? Sounds like it was a good time. Maybe I'll join you guys at Ohayocon next year...

Anonymous said...

gah, Anime Hell was teh awesomeness. Fish Fight, Farting Evangelist II, The Screaming Jar of Blood, Monkey vs. Robot, Cluckin Chicken...and of course, the BEST ENDING EVER!

I'd REALLY like some way to get a copy of the dvd you used for the show. I'd definitely pay money for it, nothing more than like..$30-40 though >>;;.

If there's a me?

Oh, I was the guy who suggest numer #37 if I remember correctly..the one with the fox ears & Naruto headband n.n;

Gregory Ostendorf said...

Like Where will i need to go to see animehell?

Anime said...

The next show is at OniCon in Houston, Saturday October 20th at 10pm.