Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ACen Hell: From BatBoy to Forklifts

Hello folks,

I'd like to thank everyone in the audience for making this year's Anime Hell at ACen a very fun time not only for everyone else, but especially for me as well. I had a great and manic time at the mixing deck controls and behind the mic. The energy of the crowd was beyond amazing, and getting to lead the 1500+ in the audience in singing 'Fish! Fish! Fish!' was certainly grin-inducing indeed.

Hell was set in the 10pm-Midnight slot, which i was able to start right on the nose. I debuted the Anime Hell Slide Show (like movie theater pre-movie slides) as the crowd entering/warmup tech/stage changeover went on in the ~9:30-10 timeframe.

oh, and to the woman who yelled that she wanted to bear Heino's children, I'm both disturbed and yet oddly intrigued by that remark.


Here's the rough set list of what i ran this year at Anime Hell, with a * indicating it was a clip new to ACen this year, as you can see, quite a lot of new material was in the mix. As expected, Stapler Fahrer Klaus was the featured success, though so many of the old & new stuff got such good response it was by no means a runaway.

/link for the forum post with the full set list/


Tohoscope said...

Next year I'll be there passing out Heinomaske!

Daryl Surat said...

This is why I love hearing what other people run. I never would have thought to run the Gun vs Katana clips, mostly because the second one is a bit longer, but it should be workable if I trim out the slow motion replay.

I don't have the full Eddie Eagle animation, so I use a short clip from The Awful Truth where they run Eddie Eagle then follow it up with "a better mascot": Pistol Pete teaching preschoolers how to beg for their life. FAR more practical than teaching kids not to touch bolt-action rifles that are next to a broom.

Anonymous said...

I need to start up one myself in my hometown!

gavv said...

I edit clips to make them more palatable. for the Food Battle Challenge (a 2 hour special) i basically just used about 90 seconds or so, to give the King Kong Bundy gag set up. I edited gun vs katana so that they each are about 90sec-2min long.
For Eddie the Eagle, i use the part from where Eddie sees the gun, the musical number, and the reveal of Jason Priestly, just about a minute long.

FXGUY said...

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