Sunday, February 19, 2006

Arisia '06 Report

As you may recall, last year's Arisia Hell was somewhat surreal with interruptions, grumpy equipment and no mention in the program. This year, I am glad to say that the Program staff worked much better and the show was a success. Saturday night (opposite the Rocket Fuel Party my posse was sponsoring) at 1am wasn'ta time I would have preferred, but it was a good solid block in the main mezzanine area and we got lots of promotion (including posters on the venue itself), so I have no complaints. I arrived at 12:30 to start setting up and there were already some folks coming by to see. I'd had a second private Hell Party last year and so word was getting around and not just from the anime kids who wanted to see more of the "weird stuff". I started early with some of the Hypnotic Eye stuff which Danno had been amazing in getting to me on time (thanks, Bro!). I had an actual switcher setup so I was able to segue thematically from Turkish Trek to Dreamship Surprise, Trek video gaems stuff and of course heaps of Cornpone flicks material. The crowd was really into it laughing and wondering just what the hell it was all about. At it's largest we had abour 40 or so folks here--not bad for counterprogramming for the post Masquerade party time. I filled the time till 2:30 am up with trailers for fu and other strangenesses and could have gone for another hour if I'd liked. I got some good feedback from thhe attendees. Those of you who know about Prof. Katherine Hepburn showed up but mostly it was a young crowd in good humor. Due to technical problems I couldn't do much Heino, but there was still good reaction to the MAN, so I call this a success and will work to surpass this next year.

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Tohoscope said...

Aces! You got the Prof. Katherine Hepburn seal of approval!