Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wanna Buy A Record?

Voice actor Mel Blanc tells us about that fascinating recording industry...

Also, Paul Frees as Peter Lorre singing "Hey Jude"!


David Zemotel said...

NIce vintage Mel Blanc! And the video of that era is intriguing- a big thumbs up!

Christopher Sobieniak said...

The days of shellac-based recordings is a lost art!

Dr. Mila said...

Oh, Paul Frees at his Freesiest.

They showed "Gay Purr-ee" a few weeks ago and it put me on a Frees interest-binge. For god's sake, don't watch the "Charlie Chan - Let It Be". It's just embarrassing.

Chris Nemec said...

Interesting one. Paul Frees had a knack for things like that.
BTW, is the forum officially dead? Nobody seems to post on it anymore.
Shame, since I found the Overly obsessed Girlfriend.

Danno Baker said...

I've been putting off setting up a new forum in part because I haven't found a good free forum host to replace the old forum. If anybody knows of a good free forum host post a link here or email