Friday, November 11, 2005

AnimeHELL & Midnight Madness at Youmacon 2005

Detroit Rocks when Ryan Gavigan is the master of ceremonies for both AnimeHELL and Midnight Madness at tonight's Youmacon 2005.

That's right: Friday Night, November 11th, in the Grand Ballroom/Main Programming! AnimeHELL starts at 10pm! Followed by Midnight Madness at MIDNIGHT! 4 HOURS! Can you watch it all?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mister Kitty gets BoingBoinged!

Rheinhard sez, "Independent small press comic artist and classic anime collector David Merrill and wife Shaindle Minuk has a splendid little online collection of amazingly weird, surreal, or just plain awful comics from the 40s through the 70s. As they put it, 'Dave and Shain love to buy old comic books. Really stupid old comic books, with stupid covers and even worse interiors.' Currently in the spotlight is 'The Super Wizard Stardust' who saves America from the evil Fifth Column without even bending a single joint ... because the artist probably never got to the second correspondence class!"

Danno sez, "Who's Rheinhard?"

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hell No Baka

Anime Hell makes its second Canadian appearance at CON NO BAKA later this month in Toronto! Thrill to the sound of cracklin' videotape and the smell of overheated amplifiers while you enjoy wacked-out and bizarre clips of Hellness.
Hell's tenatively scheduled for Saturday night from 7-10.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Defenders of Universe

CollectionDX has posted reviews for our new favorite Korean animated features on dollar DVDs:



with links to the movie trailers, lots of screencaps and they even point out where all the robots are borrowed from. Heck, these reviews are as good as the ones you'd find at Anime Jump. And we hope that we'll see these gems at the next DUBS THAT TIME FORGOT with Mike Toole and Neil Nadelman.