Wednesday, January 31, 2007

VD is for Everybody (1969)

The American Social Health Association was always experimenting with new ways to educate the public about venereal disease. They helped produce the first VD education film, "Fit to Fight", in 1918 in order to educate soldiers being shipped abroad to fight in the first World War. Although this popular TV public service announcement informs the public that everybody is susceptible to venereal disease, strangely, it also seems to imply that having VD will make you successful, attractive and happy. Also, the song is quite infectious...
This film is available on the AV Geeks DVDs "Best of AV Geeks 4" and "AV Geeks Greatest Hits" from

Friday, January 19, 2007

Toothache of a Clown

This film attempts to calm childrens' fear of the dentist by having a very scary clown get a cavity filled. Nitrous oxide-inspired!

Monday, January 15, 2007

the end of the ozone commandos


D. Merrill's serial THE OZONE COMMANDOS GO TO HELL, published in various formats since 1994, has finally reached completion! The greatest comic story ever written about people dressed as Japanese cartoon characters and their epic struggle against hooded tyranny amidst the backdrop of the year 23591, OZONE COMMANDOS features space battles, explosions, superheroes, an actual Hell populated by actual devils, nuclear death monsters, Communist prison planets, robot rock bands, giant drill vehicles, police brutality, super-deformed dream sequences, a thirty-thousand-man firing squad, and other thrills and shocks contained in its 101 pages. This poorly-drawn, confusingly-scripted "graphic novel", quote-unquote, is published free online at, your home for hundreds of pages of original comics by D. Merrill and Shaindle Minuk, as well as the home of the popular online feature "Stupid Comics".

Forestall the inevitable legal action and read THE OZONE COMMANDOS GO TO HELL today!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Are You Listening?

To teach the importance of listening, schoolkids are turned into giant ears and their teacher turns into a giant mouth. Then they go to the zoo!