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Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen

This wretched holiday film was made by Sid Davis' film company - further proof that he liked to give kids nightmares.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Greatest (and Goriest) Industrial Film Ever (Video)

In the greatest industrial film of all time, Klaus the Forklift Operator cuts off the hands of one co-worker, decapitates another, drops a knife on the head of a third, impales two and slices another in half. Twice. Oh, it's in German. It takes a while for the plot to get going, but once it does, the blood and safety tips flow like a river: download mpeg video, 17 megs, or youtube it.

WFMU reblog.

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Sid Davis Dies at 90

Produced and Directed by SID DAVISJill Davis
Wednesday November 8, 2006 11:46 PM

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Sid Davis, who produced more than 180 educational films warning youngsters of the dangers of drugs, drinking and running with scissors, has died. He was 90.

Davis died of lung cancer Oct. 16 at home for seniors in Palm Desert, said his daughter, Jill Davis.

From the 1950s into the early 1970s, Davis created cautionary short films that were screened in classrooms. With titles such as ``The Bottle and the Throttle'' and ``Seduction of the Innocent,'' they warned kids away from underage drinking, drug abuse, vandalism and dropping out of school.

One 1972 short tells the tale of two teenagers who break up with their girlfriends, pick up prostitutes and get syphilis. In 1952's ``Skipper Learns a Lesson,'' a dog learns about tolerance when his white owner moves into a racially mixed neighborhood.

Davis, who was born in Chicago but moved to Los Angeles as a child, was inspired to produce movies when his 5-year-old daughter failed to understand his lecture on avoiding strangers, she said. His first effort was 1950's ``The Dangerous Stranger.''

Many of Davis's movies were made for $1,000, using friends and family as actors, said Ken Smith, author of ``Mental Hygiene: Better Living Through Classroom Films 1945-1970.''

``He grew up as a tough kid,'' Smith said. ``He didn't want kids to follow the same path he did or suffer the same harsh lesson.''

In ``Live and Learn,'' a young girl is cutting out paper dolls before jumping up, tripping and impaling herself on scissors. Other movies warned children away from underage drinking, drug abuse, vandalism, venereal disease and dropping out of school.

Davis was a movie set stand-in for John Wayne. The actor lent Davis the money to start a production company, later refusing his $5,000 repayment.

``Wayne tore up the check and said, 'Put it back in the business,''' Jill Davis said.

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The Phone (3 min) - 1996

For the guys at Otaku Generation here's the Corn Pone Flicks classic THE PHONE!

You can download a higher quality Xvid of THE PHONE at the Corn Pone Flicks website.

Anime Hell on Otaku Generation

In celebration of Halloween, our very own Jeff "Rich Lather" Tatarek has been interviewed on the Otaku Generation podcast regarding just what the heck this Anime Hell nonsense is all about. The interview starts around the 29 minute mark and runs for about 45 minutes, though there are some points where there's some abrupt edits, such as during discussion of "Tokyo Breakfast" or "Daryl Surat." The AWO must exist in the shadows, after all.

Perhaps I should start learning how to use After Effects so that I, too, may try and be as cool as the Ohayocon shows. Then again, Hard Gay has been part of the Panel OF DOOM! for a while now, and now I've got friends who are Razor Ramon HG cosplayers themselves, so if he's the new face of Hell, I'm down with that. If Jeff wishes to dress as Hard Gay to go along with his vocal impression, he should remember: you have to shave your legs and stuff for authenticity's sake.

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Bitter Films Volume One

Bitter Films Volume One
Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
After months of production delays my copy of BITTER FILMS VOLUME ONE finally showed up on my doorstep, and It was worth the wait. Collecting the animated shorts of Don Hertzfeldt on to one DVD and crammed with extras out the ying yang. We've shown a few of these at HELL over the years. GENRE, BILLY'S BALLOON, REJECTED, they're all here and they've been cleaned up and restored for optimal viewing pleasure. If you've watched Don Hertzfeldt's cartoons online or have them stored on your harddrive you owe it to yourself (and Don) to get this DVD.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Japanorama Season 2

Forgot to mention this or get around to running the clips at AWA, but after four years, Jonathan Ross and the BBC are back for another six episodes of Japanorama. Four episodes have aired so far, with each new episode airing on Thursday. You can see a breakdown of topics on the BBC website. Panel OF DOOM favorite Razor Ramon Hard Gay was featured in the latest episode and well, Jonathan Ross teaches him a new trick.

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Dog Bite

Here is my favorite part of Soapy the Germ Fighter: Dog eats Girl's Hair. While Soapy drones on about contracting germs from animals we are subjected to imagary of a ravenous dachshund gnawing on the scalp of some misfortunate child actor! That's showbiz!

Here's an animated gif to scare your friends with:

And here's a smaller version to use on your favorite social app/message board:

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Soapy the Germ Fighter (1951)

Soapy the Germ Fighter is the story of Billy, a dirty little boy, who is visited in the night by a talking cake of soap called Soapy. It seems that Billy associates being clean with being a Sissy. Soapy reinforces the sissification by dressing and talking like a Shakespeareian fop, complete with tights and a poofy sleeved shirt. Soapy argues that it's manly to be clean and offers up uncomfortable images of Cowboys washing up. Is that a wedding ring on Soapy's hand? Is there a Mrs. Soapy? Yes, Soapy the Germ Fighter will make you want to wash, but only because you'll feel unclean after viewing it...

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Panel OF DOOM report at AWA 2006

I'll admit it: I've become rather negligent when it comes to making posts on the Hell blog since the podcast eats up my free time. Anyway, the short version: despite some technical problems, one of which couldn't be fixed and would have been a dealbreaker had it happened in front of another crowd, the Panel OF DOOM at Anime Weekend Atlanta went quite well indeed. The long version follows.

Due to time constraints brought on by excessive procrastination, the original plan was to run something nearly identical to the JACON panel with only minor alterations, so I didn't record the proceedings and opted to give the recorder to my AWO cohost Gerald so that he could do an interview. Then I decided to make sure that the panel was at least 25% actual ANIME for once, so I loaded it up with Ippatsu Kikimusume (aka Miss Critical Moment), some of Osamu Tezuka's short animated works such as Memory, Ziv International's Captain Future, Voltes V dubbed in English by Filipinos, Superbook, and Saban's masterpiece, Macron 1. After adding in that and some other things, the panel ended up being about 50% different from the last one after all, which is the mix I generally try to go for.

After filling up the A/V panels room well past capacity last year, AWA went ahead and put me in the much larger Kennesaw ballroom, which was where Totally Lame Anime was the year before. One post on another message board describes Kennesaw as "the redheaded stepchild of panel rooms," but I wasn't seeing that at all. On top of the size and location of the room, it already had speakers, a projector, a microphone, a DVD player, a VCR (!), remotes for all that stuff, a mixer board with everything labeled with tape (Mic Volume, Computer Volume, etc), plus all the necessary cables and connections for me to just connect my computer up and be ready to go. Short of having little security monitors for previewing footage (which I've never had except for when I bring my own TV), that is absolutely as good as it gets. On top of that, I was scheduled from 7 PM - 9 PM instead of 9 PM - whenever, which meant that I'd be able to actually put in more than just a brief cameo at the after hours parties. No complaints here.

Of course, the panel still started about 10 minutes late even though I arrived 15 minutes early to set up. Prior to my panel, the room was being occupied by the Risembool Rangers, which is Vic Mignogna's fan club. If you haven't been to a con in a while, there are LOTS AND LOTS of people who come to cons to see Vic, and once his panel was over, a huge mob of people stormed the front of the room to get autographs, which incidentally is also what happened right before Totally Lame Anime (because the FMA Movie was shown in there). During the chaos, the speaker cables became disconnected, meaning I had no sound at all and couldn't tell where the disconnect occurred. After everyone who wanted autographs made their way out of the room and the sound was fixed, I was ready to go.

There was however, a problem. Most anime conventions do not have S-Video inputs for things like DVD players, VCRs, computers, and such. Composite video equipment is much cheaper and easier to come by. Laptop TV outputs are all S-Video, so to output composite you need an adapter.

I lost mine.

So I borrowed Gerald's laptop. He's got a Dell laptop, I got a Dell laptop, it should work fine, right? Bzzzt. The pin layouts must have been different, because everything coming out of the laptop was in black and white. I switched over to the backup DVD and tape footage I had brought with me while trying to see if I could fix things, but eventually I just gave up and thanked my lucky stars that everyone didn't just leave because of the lack of color. In fact, at least one person thought the black and white made things sillier. Looking back, perhaps I could have circumvented this by just using the VGA output from the laptop into the projector, but it would have required an extremely long VGA cable that I certainly didn't have and didn't expect AWA to have. Even if they DID have one, I wouldn't have been able to instantly switch back and forth between the computer, DVD player, and VCR using a setup like that. I'd be stuck with the laptop playlist, and what kind of panel would it be if I was only running things off the playlist and nothing else?

Overall, things went well. The "Dark Kitchen" segments of Kamen Rider Kabuto, which was added in at the last minute since the clips were taken from very recent episodes, was probably the best received of the recurring bits along with Miss Critical Moment. I did have to cut down on the amount of Ninja Squad since without color, you can't really tell just how menacing Ivan the Red and Master Gordon are in their NINJA outfits, though. No idea what the motif of next year's panels are going to be, but I guess I've got until May to figure that one out since that's when JACON 2007 is. I think the panel right now is much too big to fit into an ordinary panel room, but not quite big enough to completely fill up a Main Events room. I'm not sure whether I should stick with the late Friday night in the Main Events room timeslot at JACON like I did this year or whether I should request the VAT (their AMV room) on Saturday night opposite the cosplay/dance, as is my traditional timeslot. After all, I started doing these deals so I would have something to do on Saturday evening!

I'll try and post a playlist over in the HELLforum, but I wasn't keeping track of everything this time and there's no recording for me to listen to this time. I might forget some things.

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Don't forget! AnimeHELL at AWA This Friday Nite!

Enjoy DESSLOK's BIG SCORE while you wait for the 10th Anniversary of HELL at Anime Weekend Atlanta this Friday night! Be there!

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10th Anniversary of HELL

10 years variation 4
This year's Anime Weekend Atlanta marks a decade of Japanese Animation Hell. That's right. 10 long years of Dave hauling boxes of VHS tapes to AWA. And I want to take this moment to thank Dave for doing it. If it weren't for Dave there'd be a little less laughter in this world, and Friday nights at AWA would certainly be less fun.

Without realizing it, Dave had created more then just a freeform video clip show. Japanese Animation HELL was subversive and underground and DIY and yet it was something simple and entertaining: just a guy playing video tapes. A simple idea. And like any good idea it had a life of it's own. Japanese Animation HELL would inform and inspire many of us to go out and do our own wacky clip shows at anime cons across the country. And here we are 10 years later still looking forward to Friday night at AWA.

So join us in celebrating 10 years of hell and saluting Dave Merrill for starting all this. Thanks man, you rock.

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OtakuHELL after the fact

Dispite a number of setbacks OtakuHELL did happen thanks to some last minute help from friends. A family emergency kept Michael and Joshua from being at the show, but luckily Emily and Bob DeJesus and Taliesin Jaffe offered to help out behind the microphones. With our usual problems and issues with sound and video the show went on. Bruce Lewis kept up a stead stream of banter with the audience and we remembered that this show was the one year aniversery for Hell Nurse Katie. Candy was throw and laughs were had. And we wrapped up the show before 1:00 a.m.

Big thanks to the AnimeFEST AV Crew for getting us up and running. And a special thanks to Emily, Bob and Taliesin for coming to our rescue at such short notice. And thanks to everybody who came out for the show. I hope you had a good time and hope you'll come back next year!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OtakuHELL at AnimeFEST when and where

O'HellFEST Flyer
Show starts at 10pm, Saturday night, September 2nd in Panel 3. Stop by and share the video fun.

Friday, August 25, 2006

OtakuHELL at AnimeFEST

Labor Day Weekend. Dallas. Reunion Tower. Just across from The Grassy Knoll.

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Boing Boinged: Ultra-violent Charlie Brown student film

Boing Boing: Ultra-violent Charlie Brown student film: Cory Doctorow sez: "Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown in an old, ultra-violent student cartoon that takes off on the Peanuts gang, turning them into a cast of savage murders hunting a berzerk, mohawked, Taxi-Driveresque Charlie Brown. Link

Update: Adam sez, 'Thought you might like to know that the 'Ultra-violent Charlie Brown student film' you posted on Boing Boing was made by Jim Reardon, a Simpsons director who's currently working on a Pixar project. Another Simpsons director, Rich Moore (who was also a supervising director of Futurama), is mentioned in the credits as one of the voices for Charlie Brown.'"

It's been over a year since BMTHOCB stole the AnimeHELL bandwidth, and it's still going...

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AV Geeks Return To Texas!

What Now, Skipper?
Continuing the constant challenge to bring you educational film entertainment in the strangest of places (which have included a moving schoolbus and a sausage factory!), AV Geeks and Alamo Drafthouse challenge you to watch boat safety films on an actual boat! Films include What Now, Skipper?, Suddenly In Command and more!

Join us for BBQ, swimming and above all - a hilarious lesson in boat safety! The Ark for this screening is limited to 75 passengers, there is a long swim platform and slide that is great fun! Plus - your ticket includes beer! LOCATION: Beach Front Boat Rentals on Lake Travis at Highland Lakes Marina in Volente More info.

Admission $18 plus $5 parking

6:30pm-11pm, Friday, Aug 4th, hosted by the amazing Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX

The Modern Housewife Films aimed towards solving the problems faced by today's (well, really, yesterday's) modern housewife. A fascinating and insulting look at the 1950s and 1960s housewife. Films include: Goodbye to Garbage, Home is What You Make it, Soft as a Cloud, Joy of Living with Fragrance and Freeze-In.
Admission $7

7pm, Sunday, Aug 6th, Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, Austin, TX

Dag, that's Cold!
Let's face it, Texas in August is brutally hot and the AV Geeks spend most of their time holed up in a dark dank basement watching films. To counteract the sticky humidity of Houston, we present a show of films about living in cold weather. Films include Surviving The Cold, How to build an igloo, How to drive on snow and ice and more!
8:15pm, Tuesday, Aug 8th, Aurora Picture Show, 800 Aurora St, Houston TX

The Modern Housewife
Films aimed towards solving the problems faced by today's (well, really, yesterday's) modern housewife. A fascinating and insulting look at the 1950s and 1960s housewife. Films include: Goodbye to Garbage, Home is What You Make it, Soft as a Cloud, Joy of Living with Fragrance and Freeze-In.

8:30pm, Wednesday, Aug 9th, Angelika Film Center, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, sponsored by Dallas Video Fest

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Heino Defence

Teutonic Tongue Troubles | Current Affairs | Deutsche Welle | 13.05.2005:Teutonic Tongue Troubles
Showing it off

As Germany celebrates Einstein year, the Nobel Prize winner's most famous picture is omnipresent. One German copycat got into trouble with authorities and has taken his case to the courts.

It all started as a joke. Training to become a photographer in 1991, Alexander Mechtold needed a passport photo for his student ID. Friends had given him a goody bag that's traditionally given to German children on their first day of school.

Mechtold decided to be a bit childish himself and poked out his tongue for the picture. He liked the result so much that he's stuck to the procedure ever since, showing a bit of flesh in all official photographs.

Nobody seemed to mind for years and local authorities in his hometown Mühlheim an der Ruhr in western Germany issued him driver's licenses, ID cards and passports without a problem.

Defaming the authorities?

Einstein's version became famous

But the last time Mechtold, who now works as a cameraman and travels frequently, applied for a passport, his tongue-showing photo suddenly wasn't acceptable any more. Officials had apparently contacted Germany's interior ministry to enquire about the legality of the unusual portrait and received a negative response.

"Unnatural facial expressions and gestures make it impossible to clearly identify someone," a ministry spokesperson told Berlin's die tageszeitung newspaper, adding that Mechtold's tongue could be seen as a "defamation of a civil servant," which is illegal in Germany.

But what about Heino?

Heino never takes of his sunglasses in public

Mechtold countered that he's never had problems during his trips abroad. People find his tongue funny, he said, adding that German folk music singer Heino is also allowed to wear sunglasses in photos for official documents.

That's a completely different situation, ministry officials said.

"The sunglasses are necessary to identify Heino," the spokesperson told the daily, adding that the man wouldn't be recognizable without them.

Mechtold's been asked to return the offensive documents to the authorities and faces up to 500 euros ($630) in penalties per document he fails to hand over. The 31-year-old's appealing the decision and has taken his case to the courts in return.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ikasucon Schedule Change

Ikasucon schedule update

AnimeHELL now starts at 9pm, Friday, July 14th in Main Events, Ikasucon. And Midnight Madness starts at 11pm. Just roll with the changes...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

AnimeHELL/Midnight Madness at IkasuCon 2006

AnimeHELL/Midnight Madness at IkasuCon 2006
This friday, July 14th at Ikasucon 4! Ryan Gavigan takes you through the Gates of AnimeHELL and leads you into the Mansion of Midnight Madness! It all starts at 10pm in Main Events! Pain is Temporary. HELL is Eternal.

Friday, July 07, 2006

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Heino and Nina Hagen Together At Last (video)

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Heino and Nina Hagen Together At Last (video)

"Here's everybody's favorite albino crooner and psychotic teutonic chanteuse giving the old lip-synch heave-ho to Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo:" Links to Downloadable mpeg video (10 megs) and YouTube. If you listen closely you can hear my head explode...

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Free AnimeHELL Swag!

I made some AnimeHELL stickers and I'm giving them away FOR FREE! If you want your own AnimeHELL Swag FOR FREE all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

To get your Free AnimeHELL Swag just send a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to:

AnimeHELL Swag
331 Aaron AVE STE 105
Arlington, TX 76012

"This offer good while supplies last." Once they're gone, they're gone!

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A-Kon 17 HELLreport: The Details

This was the second OtakuHELL I'd done at A-KON, and I pretty much expected it to be the same as the first one. I was completely wrong.
For starters Houston B turned out to be a decent sized room. And we were able to fill it to capacity for three hours. I didn't expect that. In fact there was a huge line waiting to get into HELL, we had to turn people away! This despite the fact that we didn't have any HELLflyers up at the Kon and very little promotion for the show. The second year at A-Kon and we've already outgrown the room.
I was set up and running before 9pm. Bruce and Michael helped get things going and smoothed out the delays with banter and throwing lots of candy at the crowd. There were some problems with the sound and we had to track down another microphone but the A-Kon AV crew had us quickly up to speed. As usual I played STREET FIGHTER prevues while we got our collective shit together.
Then Bruce lowered the house lights and we started the show proper. "Welcome to HELL!" Katie joined us with her new devilish costume shortly after that and we were off.
I showed some old stuff and some new stuff and got a big response to almost all of it. And even though I'd put Heino on the show flyer I forgot to show any Heino. Ninja Squad was also left off the playlist, and I never got around to showing any Corn Pone Flicks shorts, either. In the end we ran out of time.
I'd requested three hours and we got two and three quarters in. We had to clear the room for the Yaoi people at midnight. We ended the show with Yatta and the room was still full!
It was a fantasic show. I'd like to thank my HELLions(or HELLbillys), Bruce Lewis, Michael Tatum, Katie and the unseen Joshua Roberts who always make OtakuHELL better then I could on my own. And I hope we get a bigger room next year!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Photos from OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17

Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
Photos from Friday Night's Show are now up A full report and an MP3 will be posted soon!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A-Kon 17 HELLnote

I just got back from the Kon. And this was the most successful OtakuHELL to date. The biggest room, the biggest crowd, and one of the best audiences yet. Pictures and MP3 to come.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Where and When at A-Kon 17

Where and When at A-Kon 17
Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
BUT What time does the show start? WHY?? How can there be a HELLshow if we don't know what time to start???

Maybe they'll tell us tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17

OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17
Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
Come and join us for cathode ray adventures and canned laughter beamed straight to your pleasure centers from pirate satellite. We'll be broadcasting live from A-Kon 17 on Friday or maybe Saturday night. With your Hosts, International Author Bruce Lewis, Voice Actor Michael Tatum and Naughty Nurse Katie!

Once again we'll be having a HELLraffle. Sign up at the door for a chance to win TOTALLY LAME ANIME DVDs and one really good DVD thanks to the kind folks at FUNIMATION. That's right, FUNIMATION! They put the FUN in Animation! We'll be drawing names throughout the show, so make sure to fill out a HELLticket and put it in the HELL-0-Lantern!

Look for the HELLflyers at the Kon for the where and the when of the show.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hell nite in canada

We left the camera at home so I was unable to get pix of the Arale or the Panda Z cosplayers, or of the Hell; it was in the main video room, which had roughly 220 chairs. All chairs were filled and the front, sides, and rear of the room was full of standing, sitting, or lying down Hell watchers. We took the room away from the masquerade overflow room guys; they had it last year and expected it this year even though the schedules all clearly indicated they did not get it this year. Poor guys. Anime North has kind of outgrown that hotel, at least for the giant events.

There was room for about four more rows of chairs in the back, but the hotel itself ran out of chairs. Maybe we'll rent some next year.

Anyway, this was the first Hell that was mainly DVD, and it worked pretty well. One home burned DVD did not work at all (old, iffy brand) and another one did not work because I clumsily forgot to finalize it when I burned it (d'oh). I brought the Curtis portable and the Koss player and my SVHS for the few items that were on tape - I had a clip tape made up of trailers and ads I could play while waiting for DVDs to load and get past the stupid FBI warnings and menus.

The tiny portable B&W TV that Gordon bought me at the thrift store years ago finally gave up the ghost, so I had to haul my old Amtec monitor (vintage 1984)from home and I got another monitor from the con for cuing. I just split the video signal with some Radio Shack y-splitters. Everything went into the little switcher, which went to the projector and the amp. The con is no longer relying on those tinny house sound speakers in the ceiling - a real mixing board, real mikes, and real speakers made sure everything sounded great (last year I had a mixing board with issues and we used the house sound. Nix on that). I'm also glad I brought a power strip from home. Everything fit into my cool new suitcase with the world-spanning stickers all over it. I love that suitcase.

The crowd stuck around while I set up and continued to grow as I plugged stuff together. Once I got stuff plugged up I ran ULTRA FIGHT to check the levels and that seemed pretty popular. I led off with the Japanarama "ninja" segment, then ran a Panda Z bit, those GI Joe PSAs, a compilation of kiddy kidnap safety films called THE STRANGELY DANGEROUS, into Forklift Driver Klaus, the "Dancing Heino" segment, and from there the order of clips gets fuzzy because of the disc failures. I know I ran a new Live Versus Anime segment with the new Tetsujin and the trailer for the live Lupin movie, I ran Godzilla VS Mitokomon which was well recieved, a 30-second segment of animation of kitties and turtles singing Iron Maiden from a VH1 promo, the animated Pong movie, the Fish Fight music video, the rappin' Titanic dog as a promo for the next event (Worst Toon Ever), a title-carded episode of RAMPOO called RAMPOO: A DRAMA IN SIX ACTS. Segata Sanshiro, Rejected, and the Heino Wigwam /Porky closing wrapped up the Hell. Two seconds later we went into "Worst Toon Ever" and I lead off with the Chuck Norris Karate Commandos, so we kept a lot of the audience.

I had requests for the 3D Gundam home movie, and somebody suggested his pal's kooky Power Rangers spoof movie. There were a few segments that dragged a bit, but the audience's attention was kept at a fever pitch by frequent trivia question-awarded prize giveaways- mostly screener DVDs and manga. Surprisingly the audience could not tell me who created Tetsujin 28, but they knew the name of Godzilla's robot helper in GODZILLA VERSUS MEGALON, AND how he managed to grow to giant size.

I left off a lot of Hell classics and did not show any Corn Pone shorts, which was not deliberate on my part, but was the result of me forgetting to bring the disc. The 2-hour slot is just about perfect - just enough time to get the job done without having to resort to filler. The disc failures meant I had to drop two news segments and a new cut of Cartoon All-Stars, but that just means I have 'em for next year.

Klaus and Rejected continue to be tremendously popular. I predict a great future for that Klaus, even if he no longer has a head.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

As Tohoscope says, Crazy Monkey Hell will be presented at Animazement this coming Friday, starting at 11pm in main events. Literal public crusaders! Communist furries! Math lessons! And a startling glimpse into the horror that was the 1970s. If you aren't in Canada, come on down to North Carolina and join in the festivities. Convention details await you here.

Crazy Monkey HELL at Animazement

Crazy Monkey HELL at Animazement

Friday, May 19, 2006

OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17

OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17
Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
We'll post the showtime, what room and what night as soon as we know...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anime North 2006

Dave sez, "So if you're coming to Anime North, be sure and thrill to DUBS TIME FORGOT and TOTALLY LAME ANIME, and rock out to 4 DECADES OF ANIME, and tune in to JAPANESE ANIME HELL NIGHT IN CANADA, Saturday at 8! Neil Nadelman is coming in and will make up half of the tag-team of terror that is Totally Lame. He's much better at that panel than I am."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A-Kon 17

Anime Hell (A-Kon 17 June 9-11, 2006 Dallas, Texas)

Worus ACen Report

Worus: "Friday night, Shane and I also went to see Anime Hell, for which the line was very long. We later found out that there were somewhere over two-thousand people in the room! Of course, when that was announced, we were immediately asked to yell for a promo clip. There’s something about yelling “Anime World Order” with two-thousand of your closest friends that’s just special. There were also parodies at Midnight Madness after that. Fisting the North Star played as well as NoN D.E. Studio’s new parody, which I was too tired to really follow. There were some funny moments, though, like the Chibi-fy ray."

Thursday, May 04, 2006

AnimeHELL at AnimeCentral

AnimeHELL at AnimeCentral
Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
Tomorrow night! Go to HELL! Stay for the Madness! It is suggested that you check out Ryan Gavigan's wildly popular AnimeHELL panel-we'll be there!

FREE Flyer Download HERE