Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg

If you are near Fort Worth, TX and have a chance to go see this exhibit, please do. It's a fair bit of fun and photography IS allowed (as long as there's no flash). I was talking to one of the museum staff about that. Ten years ago, it would not have been allowed. Today, it's practically encouraged, to get people excited about the art, to share their experience, to encourage others to do the same.

During the exhibition, June 10 through September 16, the Museum will offer half-price tickets on Sundays and free admission on Fridays.

Worth it. Totally Fort Worth it.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Good video: bad news

Welp, it looks like we won't be doing AnimeFest this year, and for that, you can blame my renter who very nearly set my house on fire. Keeping all my worldly possessions from going up in flames kinda occupied my time and I missed the panel submission deadline.

"But you're an AnimeFest  institution!" I hear you say. "Why do you still have to submit for a panel?" That's very sweet of you, kindest aural hallucination I've had this year, but rules are rules and even we have to follow them.

"Can't they make an exception, just for you?" Oh my god but do you know what kind of floodgate that would open? No, they can't. And I don't expect them to. There was a deadline and we missed it. Plain and simple. In happier news, I no longer have a guy in my house who doesn't know the difference between a stegosaurus and a triceratops, or the difference between an on oven and one that's off. These things balance out.

Think of it this way: just imagine all of the awesome stuff I'm going to find for you during this time. I mean, you are going to lose your flippin' minds when you see what I have in store for you. Why, there's so much amazing stuff out there, I haven't even found it yet.

But I will! Next year! Trust me. We'll be OK. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Anime Hell 80's Night at Eyesore Cinema

Hey gang, Anime Hell returns to Eyesore Cinema's back room screening room Saturday July 21 for an evening of 80s OAV excitement with three of Japan's best Original Video Animations! Plus 80s trailers and assorted 80s videos to make this an 80s evening that will be like the 80s never went away, which I suppose for some people they didn't. 

The fun starts at 8, admission is only three bucks, and we'll have drinks and water to keep those dehydration demons away. See you Saturday! That's Eyesore Cinema, 1176 Bloor St West, Toronto Ontario Canada!