Thursday, January 21, 2021

Monday, January 18, 2021

streaming virtual hell questions

After a year without anime cons but with four online streaming Anime Hell events, I've been getting questions asking if these virtual Anime Hell shows will be available to watch online or download.

Short answer: no. 

Anime Hell is, or should be, a live event that happens at anime cons. If Anime Hell is available for everyone to watch any time, the live event that happens at anime cons won't be unique, it won't be a surprise, it won't be unexpected, and it won't be as much fun for you, or for me. 

I did four streaming events last year, all of which were in conjunction with online anime conventions. These streaming events were still available to watch for days after their scheduled broadcast. All told, I wound up doing about twice as much Anime Hell as I usually do, potentially to a vastly wider audience. 

If you happened to miss any of these events, please rest assured there will be opportunities to see Anime Hell in the near future, both streaming and hopefully, once we get this COVID thing finished, live and in person.

-Dave Merrill

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Hell's Half Hour

A special half-hour presentation of Anime Hell is set to occur next Friday July 24 at 11pm Eastern on Anime North's Twitch channel as part of their virtual Anime North program "Momiji's Online Experience"! 

Also part of the event is my presentation on Japanese animation of 1980, and a look back at 23 years of Anime North! 

See you at next week!

-Dave Merrill

Monday, May 25, 2020

streaming afterword

hey gang, this is Dave, I just wanted to drop in and again say a big THANK YOU to everybody who dropped in to have a spankin' good time watching Anime Hell last Friday here at the facebooks! I was using OBS to stream the videos to Facebook, it's my first time doing this kind of thing and I appreciate everybody putting up with my ineptitude. I am probably going to re-run the set over at Twitch or some similar platform in a few weeks, so if you didn't get to catch it on Friday, don't fret. I'm hoping sooner rather than later we'll have this COVID-19 licked enough so that we can once again congregate in large groups and watch goofy videos together.

In the mean time, here are some links to some of the things I mentioned during last Friday's show -

You can enjoy 13 years worth of me digging through classic Japanese animation over at my blog Let's Anime!

every week Shaindle Minuk and myself make fun of Stupid Comics over at Mister Kitty dot Org! It's also the home of lots of our original comics and various bits of this and that. Also there are links to the WWII comic I mentioned!

coming up in July is Anime North's MOMIJI ONLINE EXPERIENCE and you can find out more about it at Anime North's website! Also remember, Anime North is May 28-30, 2021!

as always, you can message me here, you can email me directly at, and you can bother me on Twitter where I am @terebifunhouse!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


we can't have Anime Hell at Anime North, because they've locked the doors at the TCC and will arrest us for trespassing, so we're having it online instead