Monday, May 27, 2019

Anime North 2019 after-action report

Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night at Anime North, and thanks for sticking around for the full slate of clips and slips and dips! Here's the set list:

-Lupin III Mystery Of Mamo "Paris"
-Gundam/Hello Kitty
-Cutey Honey ad for foot cream
-Anime Expo 1994 report
-Anime Los Angeles 2019 car arson report
-Cartoon Showdown 1984 - Get Along Gang vs D'agnostini Fist Of The North Star DVD ad
-Captain America Says Save Energy PSA
-Hanna-Barbera anti-drug PSA
-"Otaku" scene from the film "Judge"
-Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
-Freedom Nissin Cup Noodles CM
-UFO Koi Koi Sauce CM
-Sakeru Gummy CM part 1
-Anikuri: Hidden Princes
-Coming Attractions: Thunder Of Gigantic Serpent
-I Don't Wanna Get Out Of Futon
-Anikuri: Good Morning
-Aggretsuko episode 31
-A Little Attention
-Sakeru Gummy CM part 2
-Memoirs Of A Girl Abroad In Canada
-Visit Warm Winter Canada
-Mitchiri Neko Curling
-Oregon Travel CM
-Sakeru Gummy CM part 3
-Levi's - Ken Nordine
-Pop Team Epic: toy/boss/vampire
-Afternoon Class
-Chinese amateur Ultraman film
-Ultraman DVD care
-Kaiju Step
-Aggretsuko 37
-Kamen Rider Gummy CM
-Sakeru Gummy CM part 4
-Dr. Slump Superglue CM
-Mr. Clean blasting dirt CM
-Hickok personal grooming (1960s Mexico) CM
-Pepsi Cola (1960s Mexico) CM
-Girl Thingz (Tuca & Bertie)
-World Cup Jii CM
-Joysound CM
-Pop Team Epic Bobemimi
-Pop Team Epic video game song 1
-coming attractions - Shogun Assassin trailer
-Anikuri: Gathering Of Cats
-Mach Go Go Go Pachinko CM
-Mach Go Go Go Aoki CM
-Speed Racer CN promo
-Speed Racer VW GTI CM
-Speed Racer Geico CM
-Chaindrite CM
-Docomo Tetsujin-28 CM
-Saint Seiya English promo
-Saint Seiya Live Action pilot clip
-Saint Seiya Snickers CM
-Gundam snowboarding
-Char & Amuro first pitch
-Sailor Moon first pitch
-Sailor Moon x Monster Strike CM
-Niigata metal shop CM
-Honda-san "Yaoi Girls"
-Underworld Delivery Girl
-Pop Clay Epic
-Pop Team Epic Videogame song 2
-In Between
-Cash Cab "Hentai"
-Demon Core animation
-Anikuri: Project Omega
-Anikuri: Attack Of Azuma Area
-Coming Attractions: Violence Voyager von Ujicha
-Best Friend
-Machman Alpha
-Sanko Robo
-Aggretsuko 54
-Pop Clay Epic
-Pop Team Epic Uchuu Song / Shiny
-Happy Rice
-Sakeru Gummy part 5
-the end

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hell at Animazement 2019

Hell returns to Animazement 2019, for another evening of visual trauma and video mayhem. The descent into Hell begins at 9:30pm on Friday, May 24th in Ballroom AB of the Raleigh Convention Center. Join us!

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Anime North 2019

Anime Hell returns to Anime North for two more hours of late Friday night fun in the ballroom in the TCC North building! Look for the water tower and bear right and follow your nose!

Anime North is Canada's number one non-corporate fan convention, run by a crew of devoted nerds like you and me for the benefit of nerds like that guy and whatshername over there. See you May 24!

Also don't miss these exciting Anime North events: