Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

OpenMinds (Joe Sedelmaier, 2003)

A moment of zen from the "Where's The Beef?" guy!

At a time when form trumps content, when
euphemisms are euphemisms of euphemisms,
when words lose even the remotest connection
to reality, Open Minds seemed an apt title

It's also the one trait above all others that most
everyone claims to have—including Raymund, a
somewhat modern day 'Candide': Voltaire's joke
about man's capacity for denial.

As he (and we) bear witness to a bizarre mix of
indifference, corruption, and stupidity, Raymund,
unencumbered with any sense of irony, takes
comfort in an agglomeration of empty bromides
totally oblivious to the incongruity of what he's
saying and what we are seeing.

In fact, the only thoughtful words in the film are
in the form of a question to Raymund, "Don't you
ever have any doubts?"

Raymund is without a doubt—without a doubt.

—Joe Sedelmaier www.sedelmaier.com

Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Yuletide Sing-Song!





 Because I sense a few haven't sang loud enough, a quick trip to the Yule Log will set things right!

The Unchained Goddess (1958)

I am NOT going to watch It's a Wonderful Life this year, if I can help it. So, in its stead, enjoy this other Frank Capra classic, staring Richard "It Came from Outer Space" Carlson.

Fun fact: The discovery of the jet stream went largely unnoticed because it was published in Esperanto. ─łu vi parolas Esperanton?

Creepy animation starts at 2:20.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Dental Flossophy

Oh, the stuff I'm finding on these drives is nuts. There's a DVD rip of this fun little 'toon. I figure, we just finished a big eating holiday here in the States, and there's a Peanuts movie coming out, so let's get this one up.

Oh, and here's that sweet jazz:

Lost Property (2015)

Lost Property from Asa Lucander on Vimeo.

Happy Holidays.