Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Anime World Order Episode 3: Return of the Mechaking

Anime World Order sez stick this in your iPod! It's all robots all the time! Over an hours worth of talk about the giant robot genre from the Gang of Three. But they won't publish my comments about Stag Loops! What? You got something against dirty old men? Stop by Anime World Order and demand a Stag Loop segment! AND MORE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR CONTENT!!! Check it out HERE

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dr Reanimator - Would-Be Dancing Heino Impersonator

I know, I haven't made an update myself here for some time, but I was idly pondering Hell-related things such as Heino and Doozybots and it got me to remembering this one clip I ran at the Panel OF DOOM at the most recent Anime Weekend Atlanta last year.

For years prior, I'd known about it. Some friends of mine had rented the movie Beyond Reanimator, the third film in the gory cult horror-comedy series featuring Jeffrey Combs as a guy who uh, makes zombies. What made this one special was the absolutely mindblowing music video included on the disc as an extra.

Essentially, it's this catchy techno tune sung by a fine Aryan--actually I suspect him to be Spanish, but any would-be Heino successor must hail from the Fatherland--that goes by the moniker "Dr Re-Animator" as he prances around the sets of this movie while repeating the chorus "Move Your Dead BONES, BONES, BONES!"

A good bit of the footage from this music video is taken directly from the film, which makes the footage of our foppish Frankenstein follower far freakier:

Near the end he's suddenly joined by a cadre of backup dancers that are supposed to be zombies, but look more like random goths they found at a nightclub.

Alas, unlike Heino's decade-spanning career, Dr Re-Animator only seems to have this one title to his credit. But oh, what a title it is! Now, at the time this had not yet caught on in Internet land so to speak, so the only way to acquire the video would be to purchase the DVD. I refused to do this on the grounds that I didn't want to spend money on the DVD for this lame movie solely for the sake of having the video, but mere hours before heading to Anime Weekend Atlanta, I caved in and plunked down the $8 or whatever it was to get it used at Blockbuster. I'm glad I did. Fortunately, in the time since then it has caught on over the Internet, so you can now watch the video yourself. And for those of you who would prefer just the MP3 to go with all your Mister Kitty Found Sound treasures, here it is.

So what are you waiting for? Come on! Re-animate your FEET!

Monday, January 16, 2006

New HELLforum!

Because the old forum wouldn't let new people sign up we've set up a new PHPbb HELLforum. So stop on by, sign up and start talking trash!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Beast of Robert Tilton

AnimeHELL regulars know The Farting Preacher, but how much do you know about Robert Tilton? And did you know there is an Unofficial Robert Tilton Fanclub? I rescued this Tilton fanzine, "The Beast of Robert Tilton," from a stack of old tradebacks at Paperbacks Plus in Dallas. It's mostly a scrapbook of news clippings and editorials, but there are a few fan illos and fan rants, too. Unfortunately there is no Farting Preacher fanfic...


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Matt reviews The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Corn Pone Flicks

Originally uploaded by truman_star.
"I first read C.S. Lewis' novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe when I was eight years old, and last read it when I was twelve at the latest, so my recollections of the story are sketchy in places. However, going on those sometimes-rusty, sometimes-not memories, I think I can fairly say that this film does a good job at capturing the essence of the book, which is a decent enough achievement, as I did enjoy the book, and I can still enjoy the film. Being as bits and pieces of the story and even dialogue came back to me as I was watching, I would guess that they stayed pretty close."

Continue reading Matt's review HERE

Tuesday, January 10, 2006




(storefront on N. High Street in Columbus)

Anime World Order Podcast Episode Two: The Anime Empire

A new podcast from the folks at Anime World Order is up for downloading. Check it out HERE

Matt reviews KING KONG at Corn Pone Flicks

Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
"So after the worldwide, record-setting success of his theatrical Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson asked if he could spend as much money as existed in the world, and indeed perhaps a touch more, on his next project, and was answered with a resounding "Yes, and might we add, Hoorah!" from the studio. So that, in a nutshell, is what he then did: make what has to be the most grandiose, expensive-looking film in the history of film, including his own most recent efforts."

Continue reading Matt's review HERE

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mike Horne's Video HELL at Arisia 2006

This saturday night, Arisia 2006 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel! Mike Horne's 2nd Annual Video HELL! "If the Battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, THEN YOU'VE ALREADY LOST! Join other refugees in a world of Cathode Ray flotsam for a night of Anime/Video HELL! Eccentric shorts, comedic scenes, clips and "found" images will assault, irritain and amuse you as El Santo brings you a festival of strangeness! Bring your eyeballs and a spare brain, you MAY need it!"

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hailing Heino

German music | Hailing Heino |
From The Economist print edition
Farewell to a peculiarly German form of song

MENTION that you are going to a concert by Heino, Germany's best-known folk singer, and your sophisticated friends will surely grimace. One musical analyst, Rainer Moritz, calls Heino an “emetic for many generations”. Why this visceral reaction to a singer who mixes the flashy outfits of Liberace with the sunglasses of Karl Lagerfeld—and who is on a farewell tour, after 50 years on stage?

The answer lies in a genre of German hit songs known as Schlager, which are the antithesis of what hip 68ers and their spiritual successors groove to, with folksy melodies, schmaltz-dripping voices and simple lyrics. Theodor Adorno, a philosopher and musicologist, once dismissed Schlager songs as musical opium for the working class. But what makes them truly German are their themes. Soon after the war, for instance, they were about sunnier pastures that people could not afford to travel to, particularly Italy. By the 1970s, the topics were drugs, the environment and peace.

Heino's songs have also often been an outlet for feelings that German history has made it hard to express: love of the country, its culture and landscape. His repertoire, listened to on both sides of the Berlin Wall, included modern versions of traditional folk songs, or Volkslieder, even ones that were popular with the Nazis. In Hoyerswerda, which is near the Polish border, they earned him standing ovations from a crowd whose average age was well above Heino's 66. “These songs will still be sung”, he pledged, “when Heavy Metal, Punk and Hip Hop have long been forgotten.”

Yet his valedictory tour may prove the last breath of the Schlager. “The Hitparade”, a popular television show that once featured them, is long gone. They have disappeared from the Eurovision song contest—indeed several recent German entries have been parodies of Schlager songs. Germans now prefer genuine Volksmusik, for instance on “Musikantenstadl”, a television show, or ordinary German-language rock bands.

Most Germans are happy about such musical normalisation, though some will miss making fun of Heino. Heino impersonators such as “The Real Heino”, once the opening act of Die Toten Hosen, a punk band, will die out. Foreigners, too, should shed a tear over losing one of Germany's more unusual cultural phenomena. Jello Biafra, former lead singer of a punk band, Dead Kennedys, has a collection of Heino records, to show how low you can get musically. And listening to their simple lyrics was always a great way to learn German.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ohayocon 2006/AnimeHELL/Midnight Madness

Ryan Gavigan will be your host this weekend at Ohayocon 2006 for a hellish AnimeHELL and a maddening Midnight Madness! Jeff Tatarek and Dave Merrill will also be there to enforce the 2nd annual CHOOSE YOUR FATE! Will you risk all and reach into the horrifying depths of the Bag o' Doom?

For a prevue of the show check out the HELLforum! Thanks to Jeff Tatarek for the graphic for this HELLpost!