Friday, December 03, 2004

Totally Lame Anime reviewed at Sequential Tart

Sequential Tart: Article - Anime Weekend Atlanta (vol VII/iss 12/December 2004): "One of the funniest panels I attended the first day was the 'Totally Lame Anime' panel, offered by AWA president Dave Merrill, Neal Nadelman, and Daryl Surat. Each presenter showed silly scenes from some of their favorite bad anime, along with commentary on the vapid dialogue, gratuitous exposures of breasts, and convenient miracle twists of plot. My second favorite line was from one of Dave Merrill's offerings, a scene in Apocalypse Zero, when a character actually uttered the phrase, 'if this is justice, I'm a banana.' But my favorite line in the whole panel was from panelist Daryl Surat. He introduced his lame anime choices, Angel Cop, Mad Bull 34, and Violence Jack as his own personal 'holy trinity of suck,' a comment which put a couple of people in the crowd on the floor. Merrill admonished the audience not to take it personally if their favorite anime is on the list of the totally lame. No one did; in fact, the howls and groans of the crowd kept drawing more and more people, and by the time I left it was standing room only."


d.merrill said...

This is the review where they incorrectly identify APOCALYPSE ZERO as a clip I showed, when it's actually a clip that Daryl Surat showed.

I think APOCALYPSE ZERO is too lame even for me. It's badness is one of the signs of the approaching heat-death of the universe.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I noticed that. Did you send an e-mail to Sequential Tart to point that out? Or maybe post a note on the ST Forum...?

Daryl Surat said...

I did in fact send an email to the website the day Dave linked the article from his Livejournal. The author's email address at the top of the page isn't valid, so I just sent it to the site's general feedback address. I'm not sure if anyone read it.

The best part of that article is how it's one of the few anime convention writeups I've seen that dares to insinuate that more goes on at anime conventions than "here's the guests, here's the people in costume" as Fansview and most of the other "convention reports" would have you think.

d.merrill said...

It's an easy mistake, since Surat had started Apocalypse Zero just as I interrupted his set with my own junk. I can easily see where somebody in the audience taking notes would get the attribution wrong. Still, it's a minor point, doling out the credit for putting something up on a screen and making fun of it.