Thursday, March 31, 2005


Tagline: "Death is merciful punishment when a ninja seeks revenge!"

I bought the VHS of NINJA SQUAD for $3.99 used on the basis of the cover art alone. I edited the ninja battles with some Newport Cigarette commercials and premired it at AnimeFEST '04. I didn't think the crowd would sit though the 15 minutes of bad ninjitsu and cigarettes, but people really get into the battle between Ivan the Red and Master Ninja Gordon. You can also pick up some great ninja fashion tips from this movie. For your enjoyment watch Ivan's first battle in VCD quality MPEG here.


Daryl Surat said...

Man, I have Zombie vs Ninja and Ninja Terminator (both from these same guys), and neither of them have "white guy ninja segments interspersed throughout the crappy Godfrey Ho movie" parts as entertaining as that clip.

Wasn't there one with "Nin-Ja" versus "Nin-Joe"?

Tohoscope said...

"Nin-Joe"? What? You mean in NINJA SQUAD?