Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Charlie Brown ate my Bandwidth

Due to the huge response from Amid's post at Cartoon Brew we've already used up our allotted monthly website bandwidth. Consequently, I was forced to take BRING ME THE HEAD OF CHARLIE BROWN off the server. Sorry, but we're a non-profit group, and after I get the bill for the bandwidth overages we'll certainly be non-profit.

To make up for taking down the file I've torrented the mpeg on the AnimeHELL Tracker. So, get it while you can!


AnimeHELL Friend Rich Lather has set up a mirror here and the Somethingawful Goons have a mirror here. Thanks kids!

We're looking for more mirrors for BRING ME THE HEAD OF CHARLIE BROWN. If you can host a mirror or are hosting a mirror please post the link in the comments below. Thanks!

AnimeHELL.org's webhost has informed me we won't be charged for the excess bandwidth. But, they may suspend site. If you're still reading this then everything has worked out. Thanks to everybody who donated to the cause, all 3 of you...


Jim Hull said...

Posted it to my blog - http://jrhull.typepad.com/seward_street/2005/04/bring_me_the_he.html

Thanks for putting this up!

mark said...

I'm the SA guy that mirrored it, and it used up 91 Gigs of bandwidth in a few hours. Ouch.