Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dr Reanimator - Would-Be Dancing Heino Impersonator

I know, I haven't made an update myself here for some time, but I was idly pondering Hell-related things such as Heino and Doozybots and it got me to remembering this one clip I ran at the Panel OF DOOM at the most recent Anime Weekend Atlanta last year.

For years prior, I'd known about it. Some friends of mine had rented the movie Beyond Reanimator, the third film in the gory cult horror-comedy series featuring Jeffrey Combs as a guy who uh, makes zombies. What made this one special was the absolutely mindblowing music video included on the disc as an extra.

Essentially, it's this catchy techno tune sung by a fine Aryan--actually I suspect him to be Spanish, but any would-be Heino successor must hail from the Fatherland--that goes by the moniker "Dr Re-Animator" as he prances around the sets of this movie while repeating the chorus "Move Your Dead BONES, BONES, BONES!"

A good bit of the footage from this music video is taken directly from the film, which makes the footage of our foppish Frankenstein follower far freakier:

Near the end he's suddenly joined by a cadre of backup dancers that are supposed to be zombies, but look more like random goths they found at a nightclub.

Alas, unlike Heino's decade-spanning career, Dr Re-Animator only seems to have this one title to his credit. But oh, what a title it is! Now, at the time this had not yet caught on in Internet land so to speak, so the only way to acquire the video would be to purchase the DVD. I refused to do this on the grounds that I didn't want to spend money on the DVD for this lame movie solely for the sake of having the video, but mere hours before heading to Anime Weekend Atlanta, I caved in and plunked down the $8 or whatever it was to get it used at Blockbuster. I'm glad I did. Fortunately, in the time since then it has caught on over the Internet, so you can now watch the video yourself. And for those of you who would prefer just the MP3 to go with all your Mister Kitty Found Sound treasures, here it is.

So what are you waiting for? Come on! Re-animate your FEET!


Tohoscope said...

That video floored me when you played it at PANEL OF DOOM. I had to rent that DVD just to get a copy of that. Europe is a gold mine of bad disco!

Anonymous said...

Add that to the playlist. Seriously. Keep it new. ^^