Monday, February 27, 2006

Panel OF DOOM at Jacon 2006

The Panel OF DOOM makes its Jacon debut Friday night, April 28th at 11:00 PM in the Main Events room! Be prepared to move your dead bones and experience firsthand an infinite carnival of wizards, ninjas, Chuck Norris, Heino, and other exciting celestial phenomena!

Generally I do Anime That Sucks Saturday nights at Jacon and the Panel OF DOOM at Anime Festival Orlando in July, but I just had to jump at the offer to run something in Main Events, even if most people will be off raving or room partying by then. Given that I often whine on the Internet about how the Florida conventions need to be more unique, I'd be a hypocrite if I did the Panel OF DOOM at both Jacon and AFO. With that in mind, I'll run Anime That Sucks at AFO instead, thus swapping the two. That shouldn't really affect the schedulers either way since both require similar rooms and tech setups.

But wait, what would go on during the time I was originally slotted to do Anime That Sucks at Jacon? A special live edition of Anime World Order would be cool, but since I think there are other, better podcasts planning to do "live at the con" episodes maybe I could try and finally implement the "Your Favorite Anime Sucks" panel now that those guys at Ohayocon have proven that the idea is actually feasible (crowd tosses out the name of an anime, hosts--it couldn't just be me--tell you why that anime SUCKS)? Ideas, people!


Tohoscope said...

I'll add those to the World Tour Schedule.

I'd love to see a YOUR FAVORITE ANIME SUCKS panel. Maybe you could do an MST3K style panel where you mock an episode of Naruto?

Tohoscope said...

I just noticed that Jacon was the same weekend as Shiokazecon. Damn.

gavv said...

'Your Favorite Anime Sucks' was started by michael beuerlein of the folks doing the 'Anime Punch' con, and who'd done the Lord of the Jewels parody. just an fyi