Tuesday, June 06, 2006

OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17

OtakuHELL at A-Kon 17
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Come and join us for cathode ray adventures and canned laughter beamed straight to your pleasure centers from pirate satellite. We'll be broadcasting live from A-Kon 17 on Friday or maybe Saturday night. With your Hosts, International Author Bruce Lewis, Voice Actor Michael Tatum and Naughty Nurse Katie!

Once again we'll be having a HELLraffle. Sign up at the door for a chance to win TOTALLY LAME ANIME DVDs and one really good DVD thanks to the kind folks at FUNIMATION. That's right, FUNIMATION! They put the FUN in Animation! We'll be drawing names throughout the show, so make sure to fill out a HELLticket and put it in the HELL-0-Lantern!

Look for the HELLflyers at the Kon for the where and the when of the show.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Loved how you pimped FUNimation in the raffle! (funny they haven't used that slogan yet)

Tohoscope said...

I just hope FUNimation has a sense of humor...

Tohoscope said...

They just posted the shedule on the A-Kon site. OtakuHELL will be Friday night in Houston B, convention center 3rd floor. No specific time is listed, but HELL is the last event of the day so I'm hoping that means we can go for a few hours or until I drive everybody from the room. I'm not sure how big Houston B is, but they've put the closing ceremonies in Houston B on Sunday, so I'm thinking it's pretty big. (Cross fingers and knock on wood.)