Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad Anime With a Vengeance at AFO7

Anime Festival Orlando 7 remixed
Why the name change, Daryl?


Daryl Surat said...

The name change wasn't my idea. The con organizers told me that the name "Anime That Sucks" was offensive, so I had to change the panel name. Also, since the theme this year was Hollywood movies, I had to choose a name that was a parody of a movie. It turns out that nobody else actually did that. It also turns out that there was a panel entitled "Transformers the Movie and why it will SUCK!"

When I asked about this apparent discrepancy in policy, I was told that there was a difference in intent between the two.

Daryl Surat said...

Oh, and also: if it wasn't apparent from the previous post, the program guide and website billing it as "formerly the Panel OF DOOM" is inaccurate, which is why I didn't actually print out the posters that Danno drafted. It was actually the bad anime panel I do, NOT the Hell-style clip show. I told them this repeatedly well in advance, but I think one guy is in charge of writing up the program guide, scheduling, video programming, and a bunch of other things that are of critical importance.

It's an understandable oversight on their part, since I traditionally do the bad anime panel at JACON then the clip show at AFO, and I switched them around this year.