Thursday, January 15, 2009

Once more, with feeling

(Go to the YouTube site and watch the high quality version, which actually looks high quality instead of the fistful of pixels in the normal version)

Anime Hell is pleased as punch to be back at Ohayocon for what feels like the 50th year.

In fact, the powers that be within Ohayocon were excited enough about Anime Hell's room-bustingly huge overflow showing at Ohayocon 2008 that we've been asked to provide two shows this year!

One will be at its regular Friday night time slot in what we hope will be a bigger room and will be hosted by those stalwart souls Gavv and Rich Lather (hey, that's me!). But for the first time ever, the second show on Saturday night will have new hosts! We're proud to welcome a terrible Texas twosome who bear many scars from Anime Hell events throughout the southern half of the United States: Danno Baker and Ohayocon guest Bruce Lewis! And dare I say that a return appearance by Hell Nurse Katie may be in the works?

To commemorate this unprecedented spectacle, we've decided upon a pro wrestling-themed program. No, it won't be completely full of wrestling clips, but you can expect some interesting changes in how things are presented!

And remember--this is not AMV Hell. This is Anime Hell. If you came here only to see AMV Hell, get the f--well, you know.


Unknown said...


john m said...

Tonight was fantastic as always, and the wrestling humor was much appreciated. Thanks for consistently being the only reason I keep coming back to Ohayocon.

Gavv, sorry my shit was in your way. (Front row guy.) Didn't realize it until after a few Choose Your Fate trips.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you guys were pretty awesome, I was only at the convention center from about 9pm - 130am Friday night and Saturday I missed Anime Hell because of work.
I remember a few times you guys gave out copies of the shows to people in the audience, do you plan on doing this again at any time?

Jeff Tatarek said...

That might be something to consider; I am of the opinion that Gavv and I can learn and incorporate things from the Texas-style Hell events with more giveaways.

If I'd had a few more hours in prep time and blank discs then I could probably burn a couple of show discs to give away during the show.

The Rey Misterio t-shirt that was given away at Saturday's event was actually supposed to be a Friday prize, but we forgot about it.

Gavv said...

usually when i gave out discs it was usually certain Midnight Madness stuff rather than Anime Hell stuff, and there haven't actually been any Hell discs at ohayo the last couple of years (all off pc). CYF was a tad rough this year since we tried to use our older rendered-for-DVD files to play directly, so now we're going to go back and reencode our entire back catalog for optimal direct pee-cee viewing :).

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome once again.
Where do you guys get your stuff?
I swear I tried looking for that Scorpion Dojo Karate Guy that aired at the beginning to show my friend who wasn't able to make the con this year.

Also one last question. I noticed in the opening vid for a brief second there was the girl who got hit by a car in the anime clip that was shown at the Hell shown at Ohayocon two years back and I'm rather curious to what the series was.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I haven't seen an AH disc given out at Ohayo I think it was actually only at an Ikasucon I attended (I was actually one of the finalists chosen but I was not able to grasp that golden disc). Just wondering. I love the collection you guys have so I guess I'll just have to wait until the next con and keep watching!

Jeff Tatarek said...

The anime clip with the girl getting hit by a truck is from Fairy Princess Minky Momo and all I gotta say is it sets a new standard in swerve endings.

Unknown said...

Stay tuned, we'll have a OhayoCon Hell report posted in a couple of days. Short version, it was a lot of fun and I'm still not sure how we were able to pull off two very different shows with so little prep time. Heck of a job guys!