Monday, May 18, 2009

Anime Hell at Animazement 2009

Anime Hell at Animazement 2009 from tohoscope on Vimeo.

UPDATE:The Re-Educator


Phil Lee said...

That was totally awesome. What was the song?

Tohoscope said...

“Lá Lá é Lé Lé” by Bohemios da Cidade

There's a link to the mp3 download page on the Vimeo page. Originally I'd tried to use a couple different experimental/electronic songs from the Free Music Archive, but they just didn't capture the right "Hell" mood. I found “Lá Lá é Lé Lé” worked much better with the animation and just felt like "Hell."

You can download the video on the Vimeo page, too. And tonight I'll make animated GIFs of the "Re-Educator" animation and post them here, too.

Next year You and me and David Smith need to collaborate on animating an opening for your show.

Phil Lee said...

I really dug the song and second it's innate Hellishness. Great find. I'm totally stoked for animated GIFs and, yes, we should collaborate next year. We can even stop, collaborate, and listen.

Tohoscope said...

Enjoy the Re-Educator GIF.

Phil Lee said...

Kick ass. It's in use on the Animazement forum as we speak.