Monday, November 09, 2009

Prince Planet Returns!

Great news everybody! Starting today you can watch Prince Planet on Hulu!

Starting Monday November 9th 2009, 46 episodes of Prince Planet will be released on Hulu and YouTube. It's been thirty years since Prince Planet last aired on American television. Now, after years in MGM's archives, this fondly remembered series is zooming out of the vaults and onto your monitors in a new, digitally restored version! This is part of an ongoing plan on the part of MGM to re-release classics from their archive.

To celebrate this monumentous occasion Let's Anime is running a contest.
The first five people to send Let's Anime their original Prince Planet fan art drawing will receive a Prince Planet T-shirt.
So, break out your Blackwing 602 pencils, or your favorite drawing implement, and try your hand at some Prince Planet fanart and your chance for a Prince Planet T-Shirt. And remember, no one can compare to the prince who wears the medallion on his chest!


Shonen King said...

I hope MGM releases this one to DVD as well as Johnny Sokko.

Tohoscope said...

Heck yeah. I'd buy both of those. I still have the Johnny Sokko VHS tapes that Orion put out when they still existed.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Also want a anamoprhic DVD of Alakazam The Great while we're at it!

negrofrankenstein said...

Question; how did Prince Planet survive the avalanche he was caught in after his medallion was stolen by a thief?

David K Martin said...

Hey I want one of those prince planet t shirts. Can I buy one,?