Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disney Ephemera: "Let's Have A March!"

Marching seems to be a bit of a theme in some Disney cartoons, and also carried over to other forms as well. An early one (recycled from a previous Silly Symphony) is this "Parade of the Award Nominees". Produced and released for the 1932 Academy Award show, this piece features the first color appearance of Mickey Mouse, as well as several caricatures of celebs of the day nominated for Best Actor/Actress. Also a good excuse for Mr. Disney to show off the 3-strip Technicolor process he so diligently held exclusive rights to for a number of years.

Going forward some 7 years later, we get this little beauty that is essentially a retread of the same deal, except now it's to promote the burning of fossil fuels for a mammoth oil company (technically they weren't after 1911, but I don't feel like looking up more than I need to).

Fast forward about a few years, and it's the middle of WWII. The Canadian government needs public support for the war effort. Where do they turn to, why Disney of course! "All Together", one of several films promoting the sale of war saving certificates features Mickey & Co. parading past Ottawa's Parliament building (much of the footage recycled from previous cartoons like "The Band Concert").

Now we're in the 1950's, and what famous march does one not forget than the one that graced the screens every weekday afternoon on ABC-TV. Yes, the famous "Mickey Mouse March" opening of The Mickey Mouse Club, seen here in it's entirity and in FULL COLOR (which was not possible at the time the series first aired).

A year before that, this little doozy showed up to remind people of the fight against Polio care of The March of Dimes, and who better to lead it off than our ol' pal Mickey (again), and another chance to rewrite "Heigh Ho" to boot!


Tohoscope said...

Ah. The classic Mickey Mouse Club opening. Makes me happy every time I see and hear it.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Me too!

A shot of it on a classic television!