Wednesday, April 14, 2010

B.S. English theme songs... FROM JAPAN!

bonus track

The sun rises from the west,
to the east it drops! (Augh, can't watch!)

Hey! Hey! It's OK! (It's OK!)
Hey! Hey! It's OK! (It's OK!)
Boom-boom Bakabon Bakabon-boom
Ge-ni-us Fa-mi-ly

There's a cat in our willow tree,
it's a will-ow cat! (Ahh, what's that?)

Four and four don't make six,
they make eight! (Whoa, outrageous!)

Fell from a ledge and got hurt,
ledges are steeeeeep! (How cool, really?)

Start on red, go on yellow,
then crest somewhere! (Oh, beware!)

Sometimes smart, sometimes dumb,
that's a GE-NI-US! (Such, stupendous!)

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