Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two holidays for the price of one

You know, I had this grand plan for some solstice videos or an eclipse video or something, but I swear to you, I cold not find one that did not contain one of the following:
  • More text than anyone wants to look at
  • In a font that makes you want to puke
  • "Haunting" piano music
  • Mystical hippie-dippie music or similar "newage" (rhymes with "sewage"!) soundtrack
  • Someone who will not shut up about having a "double rainbow" experience.
Look, I went out there and I looked at it. Yes, it was surreal. No, it was not life-changing. It was one o'clock in the AM and I was tired. It turned red. I quoted Revelations. The roomie busted out the telescope and we looked at the moon. I went inside and watched the opening credits to Stanley Kubrick's "2001". I went to bed.

Yesterday, I scoured my collection (and everyone else's) to find something that would be appropriate. I found this god-awful thing about werewolves.

But then, I thought, hold on. The bestest movie ever about creepy things and the holidays has already been made. Yes, I know, you've seen it before. But isn't it nice to be reminded that there's a good movie that isn't "White Christmas" out there? Heck, decorate your tree, then turn it on its side and build a snake to eat it.

Boris Pickett - "Monster's Holiday"

Fiona Apple - "Sally's Song"

Last minute? Yes, it was.

Everthus - "Deadbeat Christmas"


Chris Sobieniak said...

I hate YouTube!

Dr. Mila said...

It was a wasteland, I tells ya. Just terrible.

Chris Sobieniak said...

It is pathetic when even YouTube lets you down (and I'm not talking about just those who can't even capture video right since all they have is pointing the camera at the TV set).