Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yulecon 2011 is STILL GOING ON

We just finished a great show at YULECON. For an unusual night at a small con, we had a very good show.

James Leavings, who runs Yulecon, is a lovely man who treats the people who work with him very well. He managed to secure the last double for Dan and myself, which saved us a middle-of-the-night drive.

We were on after Repo! The Genetic Opera and they let out thirty minutes before we went on. They did hang around in the room for a bit, but nothing that really caused any trouble in the long run. Everyone was very well behaved and polite and we had a lot of help from the Yulecon staff and that always helps.

I'd say the only problem we had this time around was Dan's laptop worked correctly and it screwed with all the workarounds we've been doing.

Yulecon is still going on and if you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you should come check it out. They're doing a full schedule of cosplay on Saturday and there's lots of gaming going on. Everyone we've talked to has been very nice; I have nothing to bitch about, so it's a short post.

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...and I got the con crud, too.