Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Klezmer and a Cat

Well, Hanukkah is starting tonight and I'm NOT going to be playing a bunch of songs about matzoh. Yet. I think. Matzoh is kind of a thing.

But I am going to tell you about a wonderful wonderful movie that's coming out:

And the Amsterdam Klezmer Band is doing the soundtrack! I admit I squee'd when I saw this. I loved this book (although it looks like the film is going to draw heavily from the second in the series). Yes, there are Jews who aren't Ashkenazi and there was a thriving population in Algiers. If you like history and well thought-out religious arguments, you'll love it. And all starring a cat who first used his power of speech to tell a lie. ("I did NOT eat that parrot.")

Check it out: Tintin's dog.

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