Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Emergency Broadcast Network

They say that your tastes form and cement when you're in your 20s. At least, my dad says that a lot, but he uses that to explain why he's so into the early 1950s.

And you can probably tell, I'm sorta into the 90s. It was a sweet time. Gas was fairly cheap, the economy was doing reasonably well (although, looking back on it, maybe not), and and we had this new thing called "the internet" that was going to change the world and make everyone ridiculously happy and wealthy.

More importantly, though, it was a subversive time. The Subgenius movement was still going strong, Disinfo had put up their first site, and we were all pretty sure the truth was out there.

Mashups and "video art" were new forms and they weren't as easy to make as they are today. One of the best groups exploring the medium was the Emergency Broadcast Network.


Video tapes? VCRs? What is this, Videodrome? Hell, these days, even a DVD seems quaint.

In case you don't know, that squealing sound is a modem. Ask your parents.

What a catchy tune! You'll be humming it later, I'm sure.

And that pretty much tells you all you need to know.


DVC said...

I saw E.B.N. play live on one tour ('Savage Aural Hotbed' opened) and have been wondering whatever happened to them for a while now.

Good show and great post!

Danno Baker said...

Time for a Negativland post, brought to you by the letter "U" and the number "2."