Monday, April 09, 2012

The Films of John & Faith Hubley (1957-76)


The Adventures of * (1957)

The Tender Game (1958)
Featuring music by the Oscar Peterson Trio with vocals by Ella Fitzgerald

Date With Dizzy (1958)
Featuring the music of Dizzy Gillespie

Moonbird (1959)
Winner of the Academy Award

Harlem Wednesday (1959)

Children of the Sun (1960)
Produced for UNICEF

The Hole (1962)
Featuring the improvisational voices of Dizzy Gillespie and George Mathews
Academy Award Winner

Of Stars and Men (1964)
Based on the book by Harlow Shapley

The Hat (1964)
Featuring the voices and music of Dizzy Gillespie and Dudley Moore

A Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Double Feature (1966)
Featuring the music of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Academy Award Winner

Urbanissimo (1967)

Zuckerkandl! (1968)
Written and Spoken by Robert Maynard Hutchins

Windy Day (1968)

Of Men and Demons (1969)

Eggs (1971)

Dig (1972)

Cockaboody (1974)

Voyage To Next (1974)

People, People, People (1976)
Produced for the American Revolution Bicentennial Association


Danno Baker said...

The Hubleys are my heroes.

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

They should be everybody's heroes!

I wanted to include "A Doonesbury Special", but I couldn't get the embed link from a Chinese video site to work right so I had to ditch it, but you can check it out here..

I wish the NFB would put up "The Cruise" though, that's another one I couldn't find online myself (should've taped it when it was seen on "O Canada" on CN).

DVC said...

A few years ago I managed to find a VHS tape, "Voyage to the Next", for a quarter. Awesome stuff all around :)