Monday, May 21, 2012

A Lost Disney Masterpiece, REVEALED!

"Kudos for doing something different: Redux Riding Hood, the most un-Disney-esque piece of animation to come out of Disney in a long, long time. This would be my guess if Geri's Game doesn't win." - Amid Amidi 3/21/1998

"Now I'll never know what "Redux Riding Hood" looks like. I hope someone out there has a bootleg of that cartoon?" - C. S. 3/24/1998

"Redux wasn't really that good. If you watch it once then it's enough. It wasn't really built to last multiple viewings." - Jayjammal 3/25/1998

""Redux Riding Hood" was the worst of them. Old hat. Predictable. Tex Avery, it wasn't. And some real miscasting in the voices!" - Joseph Kellogg Bevilacqua 3/30/1998

"Notice that they're [Disney Channel] going to show "Famous Fred" and not their own "Redux Riding Hood." It proves how embarrassed they are by the fact that they hadn't a clue they were even in contention!" - Eric Lurio 3/13/1998

""Redux Riding Hood?" what's that?" - Roy Disney, Jr.
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Danno Baker said...

It reminds me of some of Ward Kimble's live action shows. I like it.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

At least you spotted the same inspiration I saw in it too (and nothing like Spumco or Bakshi as many seem to go with). I know I can find common ground here.