Sunday, June 17, 2012

My dad gets a polar bear every Xmas

Happy Father's Day!


Oh, that's got to be child-abuse.

It's nice to see that snow, considering summer has come to Texas.

And that's the last "Bear" cartoon that Jones did. There are others that what I've got here, but I couldn't find complete episodes. Definitely check out the "Bee Deviled Bruin" for a great sequence involving honey.


Christopher Sobieniak said...
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Christopher Sobieniak said...

There's always the Tiny Toons episode where the bears are placed in early 90's suburbia (I recall I never cared for this one, and still don't, just seems like wrong characterizations)...

Of course there was also another short on Tiny Toons with them as well (and yet another one for Elmyra but at least they get the characterizations a little better, if not lacking in the animation dept.).

The bears also show up in a small role of a later Looney Tunes TV special "Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster", at least the animation was competent that time (being done in-house of course).

The only other moment I can think of, but don't feel like finding or linking here is their brief stint in "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", which I felt annoyed to see as the only reason it was there was so that the Brandon Fraser character could have pants to stick on (when Papa Bear NEVER wore pants in those classic shorts at all!).

I told a pal this and he agreed with me that they simply didn't get the right people to write this movie who'd know how to work these characters (like the late Earl Kress). I said the best joke I would've gotten out of it is if they went with Junior Bear's diaper instead, just to have a scene for Stan Freberg to voice of the big baby cowering over his nakedness just so Papa could give him a bonk on the head and say something like "Idiot, you've never even use 'em!" Again, I could write this film myself!

There, I've ruined Father's Day with my complete idiotness, period!