Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tut tut tut

So this is a thing now, that I found, looking for something else.

You all know how much I love feats of physical....whatever. So, I found this and could not help but smile.

However, I'm not up to teaching you music, crocheting, and tatting, so here's more on "tutting", which reminds me of vogueing, just on a smaller scale.


There's an old tradition at work here. I first saw this ages ago, if that says anything.

It seems silly, I'm sure, to enjoy something like this. The thing is, I like people doing something they love and--as odd as it is--this is such an easy expression of that love.

Well, I say easy...maybe, I just mean less strenuous.

I think, what it is really, is a form driven by the small screens of today. In the 80s, when it was all on TV, you captured the entire body. Now, when it's just a camera hooked up to a computer, or something caught on a phone. It's much smaller and more personal.

Oh, I'm laughing with delight. Look at that and how wonderful it is!

Oh, sure. Say it's easy. You try to follow along at home. Here's one for you: come up with a tut for this.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Just doing hand gestures to me.

Danno Baker said...

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: My Gosh, Bela, how do you do that?

Bela Lugosi: You must be double-jointed. And you must be Hungarian.

Christopher Sobieniak said...


Dr. Mila said...

Maybe there's more going on than I thought.