Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, while we're here....

So! Story time!

A while back, I was in an Michael's MJ Design store and I ran into Bill Komodore, a friend of the family.

As I was buying paints (and I'm sure that's what Bill was there for), we were very close to an end-cap advertizing Bill Alexander. There were several of Alexander's books, along with tubes of his "magic white" and the palate knife he touted so often on the show.

Komodore was busy making fun of the end-cap. "Oh, look! There's Bill Alexander and his clone and that stupid knife that he's always--oh...that IS a nice knife. I should get some of those."

Anyway, I watch Bob Ross use a palate knife and I think about how Komodore passed away earlier this month.

He must be painting somewhere with Bob and Bill. I bet he won't make fun of them to their faces. He was always a polite man.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

It is interesting the people you do know and wonder about sometimes.