Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Induldge me

Due to recent events, I'm thinking of the correct way to say good-bye. Yes, it's morbid, and I should keep it for October and the Halloween countdown. Sadly, I've not been given that kind of time. Very few of us have that kind of time.

I leave it up to you to put together a better video for this track. There's a lot of songs about death, but there aren't enough about living. Maybe the reminder that we're mortal might change things.

Don't be sad. It happens to everyone. Just make sure you lived first.

And you just haven't lived until you've heard a room full of people singing a Peggy Lee song. I'm telling you: shut your eyes, throw back your head, and scream to the heavens.

Make sure you have a few drinks in you first. I assure you: it's much easier. Sing like no one is listening. They aren't. They're listening to their own pain.

I promise, this is the last time I'll mention this.

EDIT: My dad died last Thursday. I am fine.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Condolences from a long-time follower

Dr. Mila said...

This is something that's been going on since March; so, by now, I'm really glad it's all over.

It's the least planned-for, yet the most inevitable. I'd like to thank the folks at http://www.funerals.org/ for helping this from becoming a complete nightmare. We've been...lucky in the support we've gotten here locally.

Have you talked with your parents about what they want? Do you know what YOU want? Take care of it now, before everyone's boo-hooing.