Thursday, August 15, 2013

Karel Zeman

Yeah, I know the opening credits are in Czech, but the rest is in English, I swear.

Karel Zeman (November 3, 1910 – April 5, 1989) was a Czech film director, artist, production designer and animator. Terry Gilliam said, He did what I'm still trying to do, which is to try and combine live action with animation."


What did Gilliam mean? Like so:

Oh, look at that. Baron Munchausen. Here's more of that (after a minute-long intro).

The final gag is, they're at the bank, dreaming about what they're going to do with their brand new bank accounts (those little book are passbooks and the bank is the Stanti Sporitelna). No idea what any of that has to do with murder or mistaken identities.

I kinda miss the old future. That ocean is brilliant.

All you have to know is this: DUDE ANIMATED WITH GLASS.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

There's even a museum to his work as well over there!

TrickyKitty said...

"Karel Zemen has managed to portray the face of a non-existent world as the backdrop of an enthralling adventure story for all generations of boys."

Good think girls aren't into dinosaurs.