Monday, September 02, 2013

Anime Fest 2013: We Show Our Panties

Anyway, so, uh...yeah.

We had another fantastic show, like we do every Anime Fest. It's because we have awesome volunteers like Elemkuro and SpamOwO and everyone else we had helping out. Our audio guy was fantastic and, even though we were next to the rave (it's a curse), he kept those levels where they needed to be without too much feedback.

Ah, now, the rave. That's a bit of a thing at the Sheraton. While A-Kon was there, Anime Hell was often put in the room next to it. It's part of why the A-Fest show had more dialog-based material. Luckily, most of our dialog stuff is subtitled, so we're not too put out.

I also want to thank our audience tonight who--even though we threw a couple pinatas' worth of candy at them--were very good about picking up after themselves and helping make sure the room was presentable afterwards. You are the reason we do the show and we can't do it without you.

You sang along with "Pink Elephants" and we're just going to have to do that more often.

Aw, and you chanted "SLIDE" during the Cautious Twins. That makes me so happy.

The kazoos were back! They're just so great. We had the Hard Gay pose-off and the Camay walk and this year, we had actual bars of Camay soap to chuck at people. We even had an audience member come up and bring us several bars so we could throw them.

Oh, and we've got some dedicated fans. One young lady caught a bar while holding a baby in the other arm. I'm sorry, but that deserves a prize.

I might be a little sore tomorrow (later today) from throwing all that gum and blow pops and soap and candy cigarettes, but I've got a tin of White Monkey Holding Peach to see me through it. You should get a tin of the stuff, just so you can dab a little under each nostril at a con.

That's a trick I learned from Silence of the Lambs.

EDIT: By request!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was there and I've been hunting all over for one of the videos you guys showed but haven't had any luck. I was hoping you could direct me towards it.

It played near the beginning of the event. It was the animated music video with the girl on the bike riding through the cityscape as various signs show up in the background, some of which look like her modeling clothes and such. According to my sister, part of the lyrics were something like "Can't stop me."

Danno Baker said...

That's EASY.