Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Juanita Banana

We're going to start here. I'd prefer to have posted their TV performance, but the guy who posted it disabled embedding for some bizarre reason.

From Wikipedia:
"Juanita Banana" is a novelty song co-written by Tash Howard and Murray Kenton...The original release of "Juanita Banana" was performed by The Peels, a studio group assembled by co-writer Tash Howard, who also co-produced the single. Howard also wrote "Juanita Banana Part 2" for The Peels as a follow-up release later in the same year.
The song they're riffing on is Caro Nome by Verdi. Here's what it sounds like when someone who can sing sings it.

You'd be amazed how many times this song has been covered.


Yeah, Tiny Tim, singing both parts.

In French!

Also, that is not how you harvest bananas.

I could not find the Billy Mo version, but did find this. Weird enough for me.

From Holland!

In Spanish! From Spain!

From the comments: "jajajajajajajaja"

This one is is from Yugoslavia. That should impress you, as there is no Yugoslavia anymore.

I have no idea where this is from.

The horse made me post it.

I think the head of the chorus looks like Joe Flaherty.

Eastern Europe loves this song!

At least these guys put a beat on it.

Bananas do not grow there. It is too cold. So cold, so bleak. Only the winter brings us peace.

I love that there's a whole genre of YouTube videos of people playing records. I also like that "Inception"\"War of the worlds" BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAM this one uses. Really grounds the piece.

Well, that's a nice trippy one. I guess they smoked the banana peels here.

There are MANY others, but this gives you a great place to start. You could collect them! If you wanted to. I don't know why you would.

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