Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anime Fest!

Huzzah! A most excellent show this evening. Kris* played a little pre-show music (don't forget he does a show on Wednesday nights!) and everyone was orderly and well behaved.

First contest is always Hard Gay, usually at the 30-minute mark, but we had to get our kazoo orchestra together (all fifteen of ya) and god bless if they didn't start playing "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (you were paying attention to the pre-show music!). Our winner there was an anime virgin (and for a prize, he took the Barbie book for a friend of his).

Camay walk went well and there were no sprained ankles.

The third contest...well, we just had a lot of swag to get rid of and so we had a Hard Gay\Camay mash-up. Mad props to the kazoos for playing StarWars music during that. Thanks for not making me take all that stuff home.

Best part of the night? Dan's reindeer\Frozen (and all of you singing along). My face still hurts from laughing so hard.

Bonus plus of the night. You guys were AWESOME at picking up after yourselves. I think this was the quickest cleanup evah. I'm still not sure about the reverse chairs, however. Did anyone notice a pattern? It almost felt like crop-circles.

EDIT: I was wrong in a post earlier this year. Our QuinceaƱera with Anime Fest IS next year. We're planning on a pinata, amongst other things.

*BTW, Kris is where I got my "Hey, you kids, get off my con!" t-shirt. We actually came up with that one while waiting to get into the room at A-Kon a few years back.

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Bill said...

Thank you for the show! Will there be a playlist?