Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brad Bird's "The Spirit"

The what-if's of animated brilliance that had yet to be noticed in 1980's Hollywood.


Dr. Mila said...

Stan Freberg!


Dr. Mila said...

Also, check out those transitions! That's some masterwork right there.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I remember first seeing "Family Dog" when it initially aired in '87 thinking, I wish this was a show. Of course when that happened, it was a different story (and they couldn't get Stan Freberg back). That was the crowning achievement on television for it's time. It will never happen again.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I still love the "home movie" bit thinking, who did they did that? I get the impression they filmed the entire thing normally and then re-filed it again with a home movie camera pointed at a projector screen by hand. We even get overexposed frames between scenes where the camera was stopped and started. Certainly far better effect than the approach done in every other recreated home movies done in films before.

"I want a soda!"