Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Back to School Bash [Your Head Against the Wall]

About a week ago, coming right off the heels of the AFO Panel OF DOOM, I got an IM from the vice-president of the Japanese Animation Club of Orlando (JACO) asking me if I wanted to run a sort of mini-panel at their upcoming Back to School Bash set for the 28th of this month. I accepted, but informed him flat-out that I didn't really have a whole lot of time to prepare given that not only was it two weeks notice, but I was mostly getting set for Anime Weekend Atlanta. As such, I told him that I'd be showing some particularly brutal clips, to the point where you'd have to be a drunken masochist to make it through the whole thing. He said "sure thing, no problem!" and here I am.

See, with me the problem of selecting footage isn't necessarily an issue of choosing clips I find entertaining. No, it's a matter of choosing clips that I think other people will find entertaining. Figuring that part out is what takes up most of my time when putting panels together, and while I don't hit the mark every time, I get it more often than not.

But this time, I'm throwing all that out the window and am gearing up to deliver some out-and-out punishment. So far, I know I'll be showing 1967 Busch Advertising in its entirety as well as the ultimate room-clearer, Tribulation 99. My Japan seems like a good choice, as does A Day Called X and one or two school-related offerings from the Educational Film Archives DVD set. The room will be empty long before it's over, but don't worry about me; I'll have reading I need to catch up on!

So what do YOU guys recommend for causing the room to empty in a hurry?


Tohoscope said...

Geez...My Japan seemed to do a good job at AnimeFEST a couple years ago. Anything with muddy audio, anything that's longer then 5 minutes or maybe 10. It depends on the room...

Tohoscope said...

Show toy commercials:

Tohoscope said...

More ways to clear a room:
THE DEVIL'S RAIN starring William Shatner, Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerritt, Eddie Albert, Anton LaVey, and John Travolta as Danny!

Daryl Surat said...

I wish I had this one anime that Matt Greenfield and David Williams (those ADV honchos) would always talk about being notoriously terrible and guaranteed to clear out rooms in a hurry. It's called "Heart Cocktail" and it's basically this series of vignettes all featuring the same guy and girl (both of whom are drawn very two-dimensionally) set to muzak renditions of popular songs of the day. They made a recent remake of the series called "Heart Cocktail Again" and there's even a manga for it, but there's no way I'm paying $60 for that damn thing.

According to them, it was somewhat infamous back in the bygone days of VHS. Anyone here ever heard of it?