Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Laughing Supermarionation HELL

THUNDERBIRD 6 has been a staple of AnimeHELL at AnimeFEST in Dallas, only because of the hellish visage of the laughing puppethead montage. Maybe someday I'll superimpose flames behind the grotesque nightmare fuel and loop it for maximum pain! With any luck I'll be showing it again at this year's AnimeFEST.


UPDATE! We're now talking with Suzi Manuel, The Envents Coordinator for AnimeFEST 2004 about doing an OtakuHELL show at AnimeFest this year. More details as I get them!


Daryl Surat said...

I have a similar version of that animated GIF I made, only it's about 1.5 MB. Not really something handy for Internet use, but good for an interstitial.

This is also good for an interstitial:


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Unknown said...

That's weird, maybe I have to turn on the HTML in comments or something...

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, that url should be: